DDAL My attempt at an AL legal Ben Tennyson from Ben 10


I posted this over on the D&D board and then I realized that this forum exists, so I am moving it here.

Ben Tennyson has the ability to turn into 1 of a number of aliens. Depending on the season of the cartoon you're watching, there may only be 10 aliens he can become at any given time, hence the name, Ben 10. I've looked around for a Ben 10 D&D character, and all I have found are ideas for how to stat out the Omnitrix, which is the alien device that allows him to turn into the various aliens. Well, based on one version of Ben 10,000 (future Ben), I have come up with the follow ideas for making Ben and not worrying about homebrewing an Omnitrix.

First, Ben is a human. In order to fully stat him out, he's going to be a variant human, putting his +1s into Dex and Wis. The feat he will take is Magic Initiate (Druid). His human skill selection is Athletics.

I have come up with three versions of Ben 10, one as a Druid, one as a Warlock, and one as a Wizard, depending on the "canon" you're following.

Essentially, in one episode, we see future Ben has unlocked "Ultimate Ben" which allows him to access individual powers of his aliens without actually changing into them. This gave me the idea of reflavoring spells as "alien abilities" that Ben is accessing through the Omnitrix. However, the transforming power of the Omnitrix is damaged and won't allow him to fully change into any of the alien forms he is used to.

Now, depending on which version of Ben I mentioned above, the Omnitrix could unlock a very limited transformation via Druid Wildshape. As a Circle of the Moon Druid, he would be able to turn into beasts of the world that he's on to use in combat. As a Transmuter Wizard, the Omnitrix doesn't unlock the full transformation ability but allows Ben to use the Omnitrix to do limited transformations on materials around him. As a Pact of the Chain Warlock, the Omnitrix is locked from transformations for a while, but I can reflavor some of the Warlock familiar choices as "Skurd", the Slimebiote that attaches to Ben in the last Season of Omniverse.

Skurd can change into various forms to give Ben access to different alien powers while is transformed into one. For instance, he could be Four Arms and have access Big Chill's wings for flight. As a familiar, Skurd is "locked" from giving Ben the alien powers, but he can be persuaded to perform functions for Ben and can be useful in various ways.

If I decide to go with Skurd, I think I would be the Transmuter Wizard and take the three level into Warlock somewhere down the line. This would give Ben more flexibility for touch "powers" but would also allow for some fun roleplay possibilities.

"Alien" abilities -
Spells would be reflavored to work as limited access to the powers of the various aliens that Ben is used to using. They will be "fixed" since Ben isn't in his universe anymore and the Omnitrix doesn't have access to the Codon Stream for genetic samples. So it's stuck using the abilities of the aliens that Ben has before coming to Faerun.

Cantrip: (Druid)
Produce Flame would easily emulate the flaming spheres that Headblast throws around and, as a Circle of the Moon Druid, Ben would be able to turn into Heatblast (Fire Elemental) later in his adventuring career.
Thorn Whip would be a vine attack from either Wildvine or Swampfire. Technically, I could use Swampfire for both Thorn Whip and Produce Flame, but I want to keep the roleplaying aspects open for interpretation.
Primal Savagery would be an attack from Wildmutt.
Mending would be Jury Rigg or Upgrade using their ability to fix things.

Cantrip: (Wizard)
Frostbite and Ray of Frost would be attacks from Arctiguana.
Firebolt would be a flame attack that I would probably attribute to Swampfire.
Shocking Grasp would be an attack from Shocksquatch.
Acid Splash would be an "energy ball" from Ball Weevil.
Poison Spray would be a gas attack from Gutrot.
Prestidigitation would be some random function of the Omnitrix, or possibly any number of alien powers.

I haven't gone through every spell to see where it would line up with an alien, but I have gone through some first level spells in the Druid list:

Earth Tremor - Humoungusaur
Entangle - Wildvine
Faerie Fire - Pesky Dust
Fog Cloud - Big Chill
Goodberry - Wildvine
Cure Would and Healing Word would be attributed to some unknown alien, possibly Alien X
Ice Knife - Arctiguana
Jump - Crashhopper
Thunderwave - Four Arms

Other spells that I would already have a good idea on how I would reskin them:
Web - Spidermonkey
Wish - Alien X
Sunbeam - Atomix
Call Lightning and Lightning Bolt - Brainstorm

The roleplaying aspect of these would be that when I am using the ability or for a while after using one, I'll pick up the mannerism of the alien whose ability I used. Swampfire has a nasally voice, for instance.

Let me know if you have ideas for other aliens that spells could be attributed to. I might do a Universe 23 Ben at some point also, using whichever build I don't use for this one.


So, I've decided that all healing is attributed to Alien X, regardless of what that healing is normally from. I'm looking at going with Circle of Dreams Druid as well as Celestial Warlock. Those two healing pools will aid in being a good healer for the party. His patron would be Azmuth (the Galvan who built the Omnitrix) or Alien X, just because.

I've played the character in a few Adventurer's League modules now and he's quite fun! Describing the powers as alien abilities is neat and, so far, the other players have enjoyed the role-playing. I took the Far Traveller background so I just use general Ben 10 mannerisms and stuff he would normally say and the players act accordingly, since their PCs have no idea what a Mr Smoothie is. Lol

I think the coolest idea I've come up with for this is that the cantrips can be described as various aliens (Thorn Whip can be Wildvine, Bullfrag, or Molestache, for instance and I can change it up each time I use the cantrip) and the SL 1 - 9 spells that are not Instantaneous can be full "transformations", such as Jump being a transformation into Crashhopper (again, all fluff).

I've attributed each Cantrip to a die roll and between turns I roll to see which cantrip I'll end up using on my next turn, with Mending being a "nothing happens but now I don't have to pick randomly anymore" result. So far, this usually gives me a few turns of random activation and then I get to choose. And, if it seems like the random rolling is being disruptive to getting the mod done, I'll just go directly to picking my cantrips as normal.

Since Adventurer's League still has the "free rebuild" option until you play a mod at level 5, I can try out various cantrip combinations and multiclass combinations to see what fits.

I've decided not to try to use Wizard, since the idea of the Omnitrix as a spellbook doesn't *really* work in my mind. I know that the Wizard spellbook can be anything, of course and can be flavored however I would want but it just doesn't fit right that I would be able to "expand" the Omnitrix with spell scrolls. I'm still thinking about ways it might work but for now, I'm skipping on Wizard.

I like the Circle of Dreams Druid and the Celestial Warlock combination.
I like the idea of being a Wild Mage Sorcerer but some of the Wild surges don't really fit for the Omnitrix malfunctioning, especially the permanent height change, if I happened to roll it. Since this is for Adventurer's League, I can't change the Wild surge table.