Sale My D&D 5e adventure on the DMs Guild is now on sale


cover2_50 (1).pngHi folks. Hope I'm not being too spammy. But wanted to let folks know that my 5e DMs Guild adventure - The Priest, the Witch, and the Lost Temple - is on sale for $1.95 until Saturday, Nov. 10. It'll go up to $3.45 afterwards. So if it's piqued your interest, you might want to get it sooner than later.

Also really happy to say it's gotten a 5-star review from DM Level Up, which writes: "as a first module, it exceeds most expectations. The writing is both captivating and near perfect, flowing from the pages in a succinct, yet engrossing fashion. The plot and history of the area are detailed while still allowing the players and DM adequate flexibility. Finally, there is an expert balance of roleplay and combat options, much of which is up to the players to decide." Full review:

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