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Hi fellows, it is a great pleasure to present the RPG I have just completed in its core rules: VI·VIII·X KUP RPG.

This is a project which took me ages to have its first phase done (at least!). I must say thanks to mr Covid19 who gave me a lot of time to dedicate on it... (sad to say, but during the lockdown I decided to focus on a project in order not to lose the overall direction...)

Well, the rules are now in a playtest version and, along with them I have made up some supplements to support the playtest. Every product is listed here: § Products §

Being a playtest and, moreover, having a target quite far from harvesting revenues and glory, I priced my stuff at a very 'popular' level (the core rules are a 216-page hardback at 15 euro!). In addition, all the digital versions of the supplements are PWYW (i.e. you can grab them at zero!).

My first thought in order to introduce my game goes to the KUP acronym: this is one of the core parts of my overall target. This acronym has a meaning deeper than the words it represent and I tried to explain this in these two posts here:
The concept of KUP RPG (part 1)
The concept of KUP RPG (part 2)

I really hope you might be interested in my project! In case I am here or at VI·VIII·X KUP RPG, happy to reply to any question!

As a last thought, I don't want to sound pretentious but I am happy to think that this game is my special Xmas present to all the RPGers who love these games and are always looking for new experiences!

Thanks in advance a lot to all of you

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Hello, I do understand that the game, or better, the idea of the game, has to be explained...
I don't want to copy & paste or rewrite something I wrote some time ago, therefore my suggestion is to have a look at some of the posts on the game's blog. The first one, is for those who want to understand the contents of the main book:

Then for those who want to have further details, I wrote some posts where i focus on a specific feature of the set of rules. The posts are the following:
Morality ->
Magic system ->
Sequence of the game ->

If you like to read more, there are some other 'deep dives' available on the blog... I will point them out in a next post, for the time being I will be happy to hear comments on these ones!

Thanks and ciaooo


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Hya, some more info about VI·VIII·X KUP RPG!

Firstly after some overall info and the 'deep dives', I am pleased to introduce a post where I try to explain the main reasons leading me to write this game:

Then, I defined how to manage the playtest, here below the post about this topic:

There is not really a 'starting date' for the playtest, for the sake of simplicity, I will assume Jan 1st 2023 as the launch.

As usual, any comment or clarification (here or directly on the blog) is more than welcome!

I will keep you updated!

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