My kids had 2 snowdays in a row, and I felt compelled to make this monster

The Youtuber is the most horrible creature to ever assault the material plane. They use their terrible magic to make you like and subscribe, and slowly destroy your mind in the process.
it's a lot like a banshee, except instead of being an undead that sucks you life, they suck points off your INT score.

It's mostly just a bunch of cheap jokes about inane youtubers in monster statblock form. ON dmsguild for free. or pwyw, but you know, for free.


Rotten DM
Aww, I had been hoping for a snow monster.
Ok Back in 2e I did evil snow man, you will have to update.
D8 for hit pts. Level 1 to 8 hit dice.
Snow ball 1d4 range 60 short 120 long? 1 snow ball per hit dice per round.
Slashing damage for stick arms 1d6. Attacks per round with arms 2 per round.
Blunt damage for snow arms 1d4 attacks per round 2 .
If it took fire damage it started throwing slush balls for 1d6
Some were snow wizards. Give them wizard spells but all damage spells do cold damage. So instead of fireball it was ice ball.


The Snow Man can also try to crash into you and roll away downhill with you stuck inside it.
If you do minor Fire damage to it, some of the snow melts into ice and adds to its AC.
Magic Item Frosty's Hat put on a Snow Man's head turns it into, well, a snowman. (Give the Arcane Trickster w/ enhanced Mage Hand something to do)