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Last night, Sagiro's secret project for my 40th birthday came to fruition as I showed up at his house at the appointed time, and found 12 people waiting for me. I'd known he had some sort of mysterious plan in the works for more than two years, but I haven't been able to figure out what. So they sat me down in a comfy chair, played an overture (accompanied by interpretative dance from a 4 year old), and then performed...

SPINE OF THE TIMES: A Musical Journey into the White Kingdom. hour-long, nine song original musical based on my last storyhour, the 3 year long campaign segment where the heroes descended into the underdark to slay the Ivory King, lord of the ghoulish kingdoms. Complete with narration, six different singers, original piano music, video archiving, tasty cupcakes, a full copy of the libretto, and a forthcoming cast album recorded on CD...!

I mean, holy crap. And it was amazing.

Songs include:

- "Tell the Emerald Chapel" (Malachite)
- "Tentacles" (Agar)
- "Why Me?" (Velendo and Cruciel)
- "Voice of the Night" (Nolin, Teliez and Halcyon)
- "An Illithid Affair" (Galthia)
- "With Each Dawn" (Mara)
- "Voices in my Head" (Stone Bear)
- "Blaze of Glory" (Nolin and the Ivory King)
- "Sing to a Rising Sun" (All - finale)
... and no song for Priggle the deep gnome.

Best. Present. Ever. It's humbling knowing such creative, talented people. Thank you all so very much.

-- o --

Group photo, with usernames and character names from my Defenders of Daybreak campaign:

- Back row - Kodiak (Mara), Blackjack (Malachite), Piratecat, J (guest singer not on EN World or in my game), Alomir (Agar)

- Front row - E (a little too young to be on EN World, although the other week she announced she was a brain-eating monster), K (our other guest singer not on EN World or in my game), KidCthulhu (Nolin), Aravis (Galthia), Sagiro (Velendo, and the composer)

Edit: a few photos attached! Lyrics (c) Dorian Hart 2009


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I say this in the most envious, admiration-filled way possible:

That sounds f***ing ridiculous.

Edit: Also, happy birthday! And to think, you were a spry 30-year old spring chicken when I first started reading your storyhour!


I've added a few photos: me laughing, everyone who took part, and Agar's song from the libretto. Go read it. We won't make the video public, but we may share some of the songs if everyone is willing -- I'll check!

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