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ZEITGEIST my players are seeing their effects on the world


Our campaign is in the back half of Starry Sky. The PCs realize that they're some of the most powerful heroes in the world, but more than that, they see lasting changes they caused, from notable individuals up to entire nations.

Ber is firmly allied with Risur and also negotiating a treaty with the Unseen Court.

Crysillir is in beset with religious protest brought on by a missionary godhand, wearing the true Humble Hook and decrying corruption among the Hierarchs.

But it's the personal touches that have the strongest emotional appeal. A while back, the PCs gave the crew of the Roscommon standing orders to disobey unusual commands from other officers, due to the likelihood of mind control. So when most of the fleet was ordered out to sea, their favorite ship snuck away and waited for the PCs to call. Cheers and high fives were had.

Of course, it's not all good news. The party was quite displeased to learn that Tinker Oddcog, who they put in a sweet military research lab, had been working on side projects for a certain local bigwig. Aside from installing a bunch of "pretty lights" on top of a tower, he made a "Gnomish Enlarger Pump", which sounds awful but actually foreshadows a particular huge thing they'll meet on the stairs...

I'm sure they'll have some colorful words when they run into that, but they can't be overly upset at Tinker, given how much of his cool tech they use regularly.

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... he made a "Gnomish Enlarger Pump", which sounds awful ...

I can only imagine. My mind went immediately to the kind of thing one only ever sees advertised late at night or (if they use enough euphemisms) during the middle of the day when they figure most people who'd object are at work or school. I need to reevaluate my media choices, I think.

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