My September 2023 List of Collected TTRPG Incoming Releases (Stand alone)


I tried to keep this list to just stand alone (non solo) system releases, i am sure i may have some mistakes or differences of opinion on some of these.

Imminent Releases (6 months out from Sept. 1 2023 to Feb. 2024):
  1. Mothership (Boxed Edition) TTRPG KS from Alan Gerding.
  2. Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme TTRPG KS from Exalted Funeral (Funded - Pre Order Sept.).
  3. Shadowdark TTRPG KS from Arcane Library (Funded).
  4. Detect or Die TTRPG from Ben Klug (Available Sept).
  5. Kids on Bikes TTRPG KS Second Edition from Hunter Books & Renegade (Funded).
  6. Koriko: A Magical Year TTRPG (Boxed Edition) From Mousehole Press (Jack Harrison).
  7. Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes TTRPG KS from Nerdy pup Games (Michael Addison) (Funded Sept Pre-Order).
  8. Inscrutable Cities TTRPG From Possum Creek Games.
  9. Inevitable: A Doomed Arthurian Western TTRPG from Soul Muppet.
  10. Knave Second Edition TTRPG KS from Ben Milton (Funded).
  11. Forgotten Ballad TTRPG KS from Fellipe da Silva (Shipping to backers sept).
  12. Heroes of Cerulea Pixelated Dungeon Crawl TTRPG KS from Bläckfisk (Funded).
  13. Dead Belt TTRPG KS from A couple of drakes. (io.Itch public version available Shipping to backers).
  14. WOIN (Whats Old Is New) Starter Set from Enpublishing (Funded).
  15. Talislanta 6e TTRPG Gamefound from Everything is Epic (Funded Late Pledge Available).
  16. Paranoia Perfect Edition TTRPG KS from Mongoose (Funded).
  17. Exalted: Essence TTRPG KS from Richard Thomas (Funded - Sept. Order now POD).
  18. Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast TTRPF from Possum Creek Games.
  19. Trinity Continuum: Adventure! TTRPG from Onyx Path.
  20. Pendragon 6th Core Rules TTRPG from Chaosium (Starter Box Recently released).
  21. Cities without Number TTRPG KS from Kevin Crawford (Funded - Shipping to backers, public PDF available).
  22. Return to Dark Tower Fantasy TTRPG KS from Level 9 Games (Funded Pre-Order & Late Pledge).
  23. Household TTRPG KS from Two Little Mice (Funded Shipping to Backers Sept 2023).
  24. Dreams & Machines TTRPG from Modiphius (Pre-Orders open Sept. 2023).
  25. Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th Edition Core Rulebook TTRPG from Renegade (Preorders, Sept/Oct Release).
  26. Cohors Cthulhu TTRPG from Modiphius (Quickstart rules released 9/20/23).
  27. Starset: The Great Dimming TTRPG from Hoodwink Games (Pre-Orders started 9/27/23).

Known Releases Coming (Between Mar. 2024 to jan. 1 2025):
  1. The new D&D TTRPG from you know who.
  2. Starfinder 2E TTRPG from Paizo.
  3. Candela Obscura from Darington Press (Taliesin Jaffe, Chris Lockey, Spencer Starke and Rowan Hall).
  4. Daggerheart from Darington Press (Spencer Starke).
  5. Illuminated Worlds from Darington Press (Stras Ascimovic and Layla Alderman).
  6. Shadow of the Weird Wizard TTRPG KS from Robert Schwalb.
  7. Break!! TTRPG KS from Grey Wizard
  8. Dragonslayer TTRPG KS from Gary Gillespie.
  9. Stormlight TTRPG (based on Brandon Sanderson series of books) from Brotherwise Games.
  10. New Wheel of Time TTRPG from Direwolf (Could be a Board or Card game?)
  11. Tales of Xadia (Dragon Prince) RPG relaunch from Direwolf.
  12. Mosscairn TTRPG KS from Chronicle Cards.
  13. Thorgal TTRPG from Dark Rabbit.
  14. Tainted Grail TTRPG from Jim Searcy.
  15. Tombpunk TTRPG KS from Octopress (funded KS closed Sept 799backers / $29K).
  16. Gloomhaven TTRPG from Isaac Childres.
  17. Assassins Creed TTRPG from CMON (Pre-Orders Started 9/7/23).
  18. Adventure Time TTRPG KS from Cryptozoic Entertainment.
  19. Chew (Comic) TTRPG KS from Imagining Games (Pete Petrusha).
  20. Welcome to Night Vale TTRPG from Renegade (based on an online audio drama show).
  21. Greasers & Ghoulies TTRPG KS from Eric Bloat.
  22. The Walking Dead RPG from Free League.
  23. Valiant (New Mutants & Masterminds redo) TTRPG from Green Ronin.
  24. Elden Ring TTRPG from Group SNE (will there be a release outside of Japan?).
  25. Cloud Breaker Alliance TTRPG KS.
  26. Ghost in the Shell Arise TTRPG from Mana Project Studio & Don’t Panic.
  27. Fist TTRPG KS from Claymore (Funded - Ends Sept 29th).
  28. Citizen Sleeper TTRPG from Cycles of the Eye.
  29. Airlock TTRPG from Magpie.
  30. Armored Society TTRPG from Magpie.
  31. Tales of the Valiant TTRPG by Kobold Press.
  32. Tales of Primordia TTRPG from River Horse.
  33. Eat The Reich TTRPG KS from Rowan Rook & Decard.
  34. All The Witches TTRPG KS from Emmapanada.
  35. Kaijus & Cowboys TTRPG from Gallant Knight Games.
  36. Defiant TTRPG from Magpie Games.
  37. Girl by Moonlight TTRP by Evil Hat Productions.
  38. Trail of Cthulhu 2nd Edition TTRPG by Pelgrane Press.
  39. Stonetop TTRPG KS from Penny Lantern.
  40. Cairn Second Edition TTRPG from Yochai Gal.
  41. Beecher's Bibles TTRPG KS from Monkey's Paw Games (KS launch 9/15/23).
  42. Infinite Revolution: Overdrive TTRPG KS from Gwendolyn Clark.
  43. Capers Cyberpunk TTRPG KS from Craig Campbell.
  44. Perils & Princesses TTRPG KS from Outrider Creative.
  45. Sinless TTRPG KS from Courtney.
  46. Subversion TTRPG KS from Fragging Unicorns Games.
  47. Across a Thousand Dead Worlds TTRPG KS from Alex T.
  48. Land of Eem TTRPG KS from exalted Funeral.
  49. Urban Shadows: Second Edition TTRPG KS from Magpie.
  50. Triangle Agency, Paranormal Investigation TTRPG from Haunted Table Games.
  51. Outgunned - Cinematic Action TTRPG from Two Little Mice.
  52. Malavita - An Italian Crime Story TTRPG KS from Quality Games.
  53. ICON TTRPG from Massif Press (Tom Parkinson-Morgan).
  54. The Fifth Season TTRPG from Green Ronin (based on N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy).
  55. Mythic Bastionland TTRPG KS from Chris McDowall.
  56. Witch: Fated Souls Second Edition TTRPG KS from Elizabeth Chaipraditkul.
  57. Convictor Drive: Armored by Grief TTRPG from LionWing Publishing.
  58. Crown & Skull TTRPG from Runehammer (Pre-Orders up 9/7/23).
  59. Vermin 2047 Post Apocalyptic TTRPG Gamefound from Studio Agate.
  60. Deep Sky Ballad Space Western TTRPG Gamefound from A Game of Nerds.
  61. The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms TTRPG Gamefound From Half Monster Games.
  62. SibirPunk TTRPG Gamefound From Red Square Games.
  63. Obojima TTRPG KS from 1985 Games.
  64. Society of Rafa A Heartfelt TTRPG of Healing & Spirits KS from Jonathan Davidson.
  65. The Magnus Archives TTRPG KS from Monte Cook Games (on Backerkit Now >1M$).
  66. Mutant Chronicles: Luna City Blues from Mikael Bergström and Gabrielle de Bourg.
  67. Lovecraftesque Second Edition TTRPG from Black Armada.
  68. Sanction: A Tabletop Roleplaying Game of Challenges & Hacks TTRPG KS from All Rolled Up.
  69. His Majesty the Worm TTPG from Joshua McCrowell.
  70. Deathmatch Island TTRPG Backerkit from Tim Denee and Evil Hat Productions (Launch Oct 17).
  71. Sky Bound Realms TTRPG Backerkit from SeaSerpentGames.
  72. Death Valley Western Horror TTRPG Backerkit from Critical Kit Ltd.
  73. Monsters! Monsters! Rules 2.7 TTRPG KS from Ken St. Andre and Steven S. Crompton (Trollgodfather Press).
  74. Wilderfeast TTRPG KS from Horrible Guild.
  75. Gubat Banwa TTRPG KS from Makapatag (planned launch 9/27/23 - pdf 1E version on Drivethrurpg now).
  76. Tales From The Floating Vagabond, Second Edition TTRPG from Lee Garvin (KS says final layout complete, creator passed away this year).
  77. RuneScape Kingdoms TTRPG from Steamforged? (Preorders September 2023).
  78. Final Fantasy Online XIV TTRPG & Starter Set from Square/Enix (Website online 9/21/23).
  79. Badger & Coyote TTPPG Backerkit from Pandion Games (end Oct. 12th).
  80. Expect Three Visitors TTPRG KS from Alex White (Launch expected).
  81. Land of Arzium TTRPG Gamefound from Red Raven Games (Ryan Laukat - Funded Ends Oct. 08).
  82. Frontier Scum TTRPG KS from Games Omnivorous (Funded - Ends Oct. 03).
  83. The Hidden Isle TTRPG KS from Causa Creations (Funded - Ends Oct. 28).
  84. Fight With Spirit TTRPG Gamefound from Storybrewers Roleplaying (Funded - Late Pledge available).
  85. Shiver TTRPG from Parable Games (Funded).
  86. Mage Hunter a diceless TTRPG KS by Guy Sclanders. (Launched Oct. 02).

Unknown/Untitled/ In Play Test RPGs
  1. Hollows TTRPG from Rowan Rook & Decard.
  2. Promethium Books & Nihon Falcom to produce TTRPG games based on the "Trails" and "Ys" franchises.
  3. A new R. Talsorian Untitled "Project Blue Moon" TTRPG (Chris Spivey Collab).
  4. The Jim Murphy Untitled TTRPG in dev.
  5. The MCDM Studio Untitled TTRPG in dev.
  6. The Daniel Kwan Wandering Blades TTRPG in dev.
  7. CNGH ("Cool Name Goes Here") Community Owned TTRPG System from an aegis of Mechanical Muse (will be a Free Community Release).
  8. Sun Forever Sets The Martian Calamity TTRPG from Evil Hat.
  9. Tiān Dēng: Diaspora in Space from Evil Hat (Banana Chan, Calvin Wong Tze Loon, Hong Di-Anne and Sen-Foong Lim).
  10. Nexus: Redemption TTRPG from D-Verse Publishing.
  11. FEIGR: Viking Age TTRPG designed by Tadhg Lyons (TadhgTheBard).
Announced but MIA / Abandoned / Radio Silence RPGS:
  1. Relic TTRPG KS from Bandit Camp.
  2. Wicked Ones TTRP KS from Bandit Camp (Public Versions available).
  3. The Revenant Society TTRPG by Van Ryder Games.
  4. Maa: Definitive Edition TTRPG KS from Matthew Day Jackson.
  5. Quest: Cosmic Fantasy Edition TTRPG KS from The Adventure Guild.

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