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My survey feedback


I took the WOTC OGL1.2 survey. Here is what I put on the first page:

I have two big problems with the draft OGL 1.2
1. Any new license should not make 5E content more restrictive. Any agreement that restricts the current OGL 5E material would be a break in trust with the creators and fans. Ideally WOTC should move the entire 5.1 SRD under creative commons, not just the mechanics. Alternatively you could allow creators to continue to use OGL 1.0a not just for current publications but future as well. This is a concern only for 5E material, it is fine for WOTC to put more restrictions on the future ONE D&D SRD, but taking away something you promised to the community is unethical and immoral.

2. WOTC is not the right organization to police the community for offensive content. There is a long history of offensive material in official D&D publications and that continues into 5E with VGTM and Spelljammer. Additionally, there are public allegations of race and gender-based discrimination against former WOTC employees. WOTC has stated they want to improve and I believe this, and I also agree with getting offensive content out of the game. But WOTC is not well positioned to judge what is and is not offensive. This needs to be handled by an independent body with no ties to WOTC and they need the power to censor WOTC publications in addition to 3rd party publications.

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and they need the power to censor WOTC publications in addition to 3rd party publications.

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No company should have the right to determine what is offensive or harmful material, that is for the consumer to determine. Different countries have different laws it should not be up to WotC to dictate their standards on anyone.

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