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Had a bit of a think about this whole 5e thing and I hope wizards don't try to design a horse, and end up with a camel.

Still if anyone is listening(sounds like a spiritual question :) ) here are my ideas for D&D Next.


Go for broke to start. The lores there chuck as many as you can in, But bring back pre 4e Tieflings. give them all + to attributes to differentiate, and racial bonus like darklight vision

4e's skill set was good, but underused in the 'boxed' campaigns.

I'm leaning towards merricbs idea of 3-18, but with the racial attribute tacked on the top. Id like to see an attribut increase(+1) every 4 levels or so. To complemet this I'd like items that ad to these stats magically. It fits more into a magical world.

There are far too many of them that are just different flavours of the same thing. I'd prefer more feats with a progression, eg Jack of all Trades - Apprentice of all trades - master of all trades.

I liked the idea of the encounter/daily/utility in the end, over the 3e spellbook. However the Spells were a lot less tactical. Eg stoneskin used to be how hits. Its great that a warrior can strength his way through these things now, but the protect/dispel spell battles just arn't there. I'd like to see the primary magic users a bit more magical. Also chuck out rituals. They suck.

I've not reviewed the items in Mordekeins, but most items in 4e were just number boosters. I'd like to see items like Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, or Boots of Speed, Cloak of non detection, and Cursed Sword of Berserking. Items that can define a character, as well as your standard +1 +2 magic items( but leave these as standard things, anything that does any other than +1 +2 ,needs flavour text)

Standard Move Minor Rocks. Keep it.

Grids and Minis kick ass. Just not enough support for maps from wizards(actual printed maps. I'm still surprised that wizards don't supply the printed maps for their modules, or atleast link then to a set of tiles). SO more TILES and MAPS. More minis too would be good. But cheaper :)

FYI my D&D xp has been Baldursgate/Icewind dale/Torment and then Playing/DMing/Writing modules for 4e, So not a real veteran! Though Baldursgate came out in 96 and was almost 3e.....

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