Starfinder My Type of Starfinder - With a Little D&D


Knight of Solamnia
When I think about the type of Starfinder game I would want to run, I think about a few things.

First, turn the Starfinder Society into a pseudo-Starfleet. Not as rigid, no uniforms, but definitely an organization based on exploration. The heroes, though, might be more akin to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Second, I would turn Absalom Station into the Starfinder version of Babylon 5/Deep Space 9. I'd like to create a few locales the players might frequent.

Now, I think that's all doable and sounds right in tune with what Starfinder is.

The part where I get stuck is where I want Starfinder to cross over into the D&D multiverse. When Golarion was first introduced, it was described as "an old new world." In other words, it was a new setting, but many of the themes should feel familiar. From those early days, Golarion felt every bit like a D&D world. It just had a different label, is all.

I'd like a Starfinder where I could easily port in any D&D-ism I want. So, for example, I could have races like the thri-kreen, starfighters facing off against dragons, rangers fighting with two magical swords against robots, skittermanders riding ponies, and so forth.

While I prefer the D&D 5e rules, Starfinder has a great setting that I love. I just wish it crossed over into fantasy more and felt like it could cross over into the D&D multiverse.

And yes, I've looked at several D&D sci-fantasy and sci-fi books. None of them are truly grabbing me.

Anyway, that's the type of Starfinder I would like to play.

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