Kickstarter MYST TTRPG returns with new sourcebook

InkSpark Games

At long last, the world of FATE-based ttrpg Unwritten: Adventures in the Ages of MYST and Beyond is poised to grow with the new Unwritten: Modern D'ni sourcebook. Dig deeper into the post-Rediscovery era of the Deep City of the D'ni, and the explorers who have made their home in the Cavern and out in the Ages. New worlds to explore, new groups to encounter, new explorers to befriend (or avoid!) await!

Get your own Linking Book to the first major expansion to the MYSTtm tabletop RPG on Kickstarter now!

And join us for a live Q&A Session on Sunday, July 9th at Noon Pacific (19:00 UTC) for a live Q&A session about the new book!

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InkSpark Games

Who's Who in the new Modern D'ni book?

Come find out on Sunday, July 23rd at 2pm PDT, when we share the stories of some of the featured characters!

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