Pathfinder 1E Mythic - Legendary Item

Greetings all!

Since I started playing PF 1e back after it was first released, my group never really played the Mythic Rules until a couple years ago. I normally play Martial type characters and for some odd reason, find the Champion Mythic Path most desirable. This last chapter of my buddy's campaign, we decided to go a different route and are playing pretty dark, Evil characters and have achieved Mythic Tier 2. Of course, I am playing a Martial character with the Champion Path, yet again. This time, I chose the Legendary Item Universal Path Ability as my 2nd Tier Path Ability. My DM and I have already mapped out the future of how this sword will culminate in the event our group actually hits Tier 10 and is surprisingly not a Combat-centric build. It is more of an RP heavy build for the character and has a very long history and been wielded by many Mythic individuals since its' creation over 2000 years ago and will become evident as it reveals its' powers as my character Tiers up and will provide some insight as we progress through the chapter.

A couple of the other players are Caster types and they truly believe the Legendary Item route is NOT worth investing in. However, I'm curious as to what various Legendary Items have others have created your Mythic characters. I am looking forward to seeing some truly inspirational builds!

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