Release [Mythras] A Bird in the Hand - New Monster Island Scenario Now Available

Our latest scenario for Mythras is 'A Bird in the Hand', a dangerous adventure set on Monster Island, involving the characters in the theft of a strange and unique bird from the clutches of a local rogue. But theft has consequences, and on Monster Island, those consequences can be dire. The straightforward soon becomes complicated, leading the characters deep into the Tane Jungle, and the hunting lands of the lizardfolk tribes...

Written by John Holmes, A Bird in the Hand is 56 pages, and includes a special guide to sandbox exploration of Monster Island. Priced at $13.99 for the Print on Demand copy (including free PDF) and $7.99 for the standalone PDF, the scenario is available now from the TDM store, Lulu, DrivethruRPG, and shortly from Aeon Games in the UK.

Lulu: Lulu

DTRPG: A Bird in the Hand - Design Mechanism | Game Aids | Scenarios | Campaign Settings |

TDM: The Design Mechanism

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