WOIN N.O.W. clarifications


A few questions from a newcomer to the system:

1. In what units are range increments measured, specifically with regard to vehicle weapons? I can't find anywhere in the book which defines this.

2. Does weight have any relevance for vehicle weapons? It doesn't seem to, but it's hard to reconcile why else a M249 light machine gun costs twice as much as a M240 machine gun when they are functionally identical apart from the former's lighter weight, so I wonder if I'm missing something...

3. The section on Designing a Career refers to "a soldier's extra ammunition ability." I assume this is an obsolete reference to an early version of the system where running out of ammunition was a possibility?

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Well, that was fun
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1. 5' squares.

2. The weights and prices were the real world weights and prices of those items.

3. I can't remember if the ammo optional rule was in the book or in EONS. If the latter, then yes. :)


Aha! It looks like EONS 55 featured a countdown-based ammunition tracking system, which sounds perfect for the scavenging-heavy game I have in mind... I'll have to take a look! Thanks!

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