WOIN N.O.W. Wishlist!


[MENTION=1]Morrus[/MENTION]: You should change the product tagline to: What's O.L.D. is N.O.W. N.E.W. or What was O.L.D. is N.E.W, N.O.W.

or some variation.


Mike Myler

I cannot wait! My goal is to get a solid working document across the pond by the end of May, so keep on pouring on to the wishlist for N.O.W.!


For my personal wishlist, Spycraft related material such as traditions like Face, Fixer, Hacker, Sleuth, etc. Also rules for Computers, Intelligence, etc.


i knows its a little late but i put this wishlist together for the game N.O.W. I was thinking about the big action movies of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and they have a lot of jobs (traditions/careers) in common. Here is a wish list I have been putting together for this the jobs (or what ever they will be called).

Cop – the bet cop or patrol officer (die hard)
Detective – the investigator or P.I. (dirty harry)
S.W.A.T – the specially trained law enforcement officer (a step bellow military)
Firemen – the grunts of the emergence response team. They do the heavy lifting and clearing obstacles (like fires)
EMS – the paramedics, ER nurse, battle field medic medical/medication basics.
Doctor/Surgeon – advanced medical/medication training.

Recruit – the new recruit, this would be like boot camp, a desk jockey in the military
Military – this is the real life conflict experience. This is where the PC has served in battle (IE battle tested).
Special forces – specially trained military unit (nave seals, Ramdo, … ect). This is the go to person for the missions that cant fail.

Student – all levels of education and academics from high school up
Professor – this is for the day job of the adventurist academic. Buy day they teach about the paranormal by night they hunt the paranormal. (think Indiana Jones, or most 80s horror flick heroes)
Tech – if it broken they will fix it. this is you mechanics and wrench turners
Engineer – this is the inventor and builders. They take the parts and build you something new … might not look new but it works. (MacGyver)

Martial-arts – this is our basic hand to hand fighting styles and a little mental discipline (Chi low)
Kong-Fu – this is your higher level fighting but some over the top mental focus mixed in (Chi mid)
Monk – this is less about the fighting and more about the focus of mind and body (Chi high)

Driver (transportation) – Hulling cargo from place to place (over the top, and big trouble in little china)
Racer – NASS car, F1, long distant (racing in vehicles)
Athlete – Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, track, hockey, (your pro-athletes)

Agent – this is your high level field investigator for the “company” (FBI,CIA, or the corporation).
Infiltrator – this is you inside man with skills in both deception and mental focus to change themselves into someone else (CHI ??? maybe)
Spy – this is you Bond level spy. Going in deep cover and figuring out what to do to complete the objective. (CHI ??? maybe)

the rest of my wishlist for this system is….
Martial-art styles/combat maneuvers
Spy gear and cars
An updated for the stronghold building to be able to build up a store front or base of operations (air port/underground bunker/garage/mission and planning HQ)

I think that the above list would cover just about everything for modern times settings like cowboy/old western, modern cop drama, treasure hunter/Indiana Jones, super spies Born/Bond-esk, disaster emergence, horror, paramilitary/military missions and martial arts. This I think covers everything I can think of for this N.O.W type RPG. Mix in some N.E.W and you get predator, or aliens or mix in some O.L.D you have Dresden files or Buffy. Put all 3 together and you have almost any Anima/comic that you want. All that sounds like endless gaming to me.

Lord Mhoram

We have rules for downtime, there should be one for montages set to music for the 80s.

Seriously, I'd like the vehicle system robust enough (and with some option) that would let you drive a mech. The original cartoon Transformers was smack in the middle of the 80s. I understand if that isn't quite the tone this is going for though.