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Name Maker Real World Volume 1- Old English from Ennead Games


Name Maker Real World Volume 1- Old English

The original name maker series from Ennead Games was designed to help you generate and come up with a name for your fictional cultures.

This companion related series took the same concept and applied it to real-world names, giving you a tool for names that are more in fitting with real life or setting and games that draw inspiration from the real world.

Not every possible name will be covered, but enough will be to give you hundreds, if not thousands of possible combinations, especially if you use the middle name option as well.

This volume covers Old English, suitable for humanoids of worlds and games that draw inspiration from around 1,000 CE and that part of the world.

Inside, you will find...

  • 9 x d100 tables
    • 3 x d100 tables covering feminine old English first names
    • 3 x d100 tables covering masculine old English first names
    • 3 x d100 tables covering old English family/surnames
  • A system for adding in middle names and expanding the number of possible combinations

The base system gives you 90,000 possible combinations and even more if you use the suggestions on middle names.

Feminine Examples

  • Bedelia Appleton
  • Haralda Cholmondeley
  • Tempest Gladstone

Masculine Examples

  • Dalbert Scarbrough
  • Milbourn Pickering
  • Stanford Wilberforce

Available now at Drivethru (product link)

Open Gaming Store & Paizo online stores very soon (store links)