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I haven't read much fantasy fiction. Even though I've been playing D&D for 20+ years, I was never interested in fantasy litterature (although I read Tolkien). Only relatively recently that I've started reading some (mainly Steven Erickson (Malazan Books of the Fallen) and Glen Cook (Black Company and Instrumentalities of the Night)).

I've noticed that a lot of characters in those books go by nicknames instead of by their real names. The reasons vary, of course (knowing someone's real name gives power of the person, a character wants to hide his past so takes on another name, etc.).

This has lead me to give my characters nicknames instead of names (I give them real names, but other PCs don't usually know them).

I was wondering if any of you use nicknames for your characters (or even NPCs), and what those nicknames are.

Mine, so far, are:
Saffron (3E Warlock alchemist / perfumer, real name Abd-Al-Aziz)
Noose (3E Ranger, real name Sigismond d'Argenteuil)

So, what are yours?

Thx in advance,


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"Finder" was what most called the halfling Owen Fellswallow. His was the child-like tendancy to "find" things that belonged to other people and then return them. Trite, but fun.

Daniel D. Fox

You bet!

We run a game where the players were former prisoners and are called by their nicknames when they were incarcerated. We have a dashing rake that's called "Prettyboy" (rogue), we have a former veteran fighter-cum-servant of the god of death and neutrality called "The Captain" (paladin), there is a surly, oafish drunkard called "Big Sod" (warlord) and there is a calm and cool yet callous city-born assassin called "The Gent" (ranger).

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