D&D 5E Need help figuring out an NPC (Curse of Strahd spoilers)


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So I'm a fairly new dm and I'm really struggling with this situation. In the Curse of Strahd, the party gets a fortune that tells them where to find a few important things to help them defeat Strahd. One of these things is an ally. My party got a young girl named Arabelle as their ally.

The game doesn't give any direction as to how to use her, it just said she has 2 hp and is somehow related to Strahd. I have no clue how to use her at all. I read somewhere that she can be used to give inspiration but with only 2 HP I can't see that being useful at all. Also, I don't want my bard to feel ineffectual.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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