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Neon Blood is an OSR/DIY (we call our work Dirty-OSR) inspired cyberpunk game set in a version of the world in 2035. We don't need to go very far into the future to see how culture, tech, and politics might shape the future of humanity. It is dystopian, but all hope is not lost for ye who enter here.

The goal of this game is to take the OSR-based RPG system and roughen up the edges, throw in some chrome, pump it full of HiCap neon, and light it on fire. The rules start with the d20, but we make a firefight feel like a frenetic two-way range where your decisions and training will be a matter of life and death. And hacking will never be boring or the side gig; it easily occurs in real-time alongside a firefight without disruption to either team.

The combat is brutal and deadly, and death is one bullet or NovaWire away. Zero hit points isn't the end, but neither is it a handful of chances to not experience what comes for everyone. Even hackers aren't safe; play hacking games, win deadly prizes. As awesome as this sounds, combat is full of player-facing choices to keep your character alive and gunning. But everything comes at a cost in Neon Blood.

Your character will be known on the streets as a Glitch, but in reality they will represent one of six primary Roles in Neon Blood, each with three Specializations that when combined with the massively player-focused choice structure, no two Glitches will be the same.

We start with a choice between being born a natural human or a genetically spliced human, but beware, everything comes with a price. Following that choice is our three methods of attribute generation, depending on what power level of game you are looking to play, a push and pull method of quickly determining the raw potential of your character, but then allowing for fine-tuning to how YOU want to play by personalizing starting resources, bonus skills, and cyberware access.

Next is the Mentor System, a radically different manner in determining by whom and how your character's life was formed by these influencers; they are not always positive, but they always leave a lasting mark. And each character has more than one.

Skills are a departure from standard OSR games, but they are also not overwhelming in Neon Blood. We cover the basics of surviving in an urban sprawl during a dystopian shift. Training makes a vast difference in a person with raw potential or a true subject matter expert.

Round out with cyberware, armor, guns, and gear and you're ready for the shiniest razor ganger, ChromeKid!


EMISSARY Specializing in personal defense, small-team engagements, and protection of assets.

ANARCH Typical toughs who've grown up in some harsh conditions and they learned to improvise or die.

PATCH Trained in medical techniques and biotechnology, they seek to keep the team going...or maybe extract biolocked data.

MESHBURNER Beyond script kiddies, these individuals are the true masters of the NeuralNET. Nothing is beyond their reach. No one is beyond their control.

JOCKEY High-speed drone junkies, who live for the thrill of the hunt. There are varying drone builds, each accommodating the Jockey's personality. Oh, they can also use their drones to conduct P2P hacking.

TITAN Killing machines capable of soloing a gig with little hesitation. But no one survives alone in a world poised to control every facet of your life. And death. As for the 18 Specialties, well, we'll leave a few things to be discovered.


Augmentations, or chrome as the kids call it, comes in a wide variety of alterations to the human body, from data storage to kicking over walls to getting close to immortal. You make the choices, you decide what best suits your Role and play style, nothing is pre-ordained. Cyberware not only modifies how your character interacts with the game, but also how the world interacts with them.


Our hacking, called VX in-game, comes in two varieties, vice attempting to shoehorn in one method to all situations. When a Hacker goes at a Mesh within the NeuralNET, they do so in a cat and mouse game of discovery, applications, and control. When they go at it against a Personal Access NET (PAN), that's when things get really interesting and can change the face of a firefight. Off-site, co-located, full immersion; the choice will matter not only to your skills as a hacker, but also to the team under fire. There's a few techniques and methods to use as you rip through the NET, but again, somethings are better left to discovery.


For the true tech geeks, there's an entire section of fast and easy to use rules on making drones. Monocopter with a flechette gun? Check. Stationary Indirect Fire turret? Check. Tricopter with an ISR suite to extend the combat and hacking capabilities for the team? That's insultingly basic. We cover everything from frame, to payload to control module to PAN. Oh, yeah, your toy can be taken away from you, you've been warned.


We include a system of chases that make them more narrative driven with player-facing checks when it is time to roll the dice. And no two chases will be the same thanks to our designs, plus chases are not just limited to running the streets...


Included is a vision of 2035, but it is a vision. We provide the resources and assets to produce a dystopia you and your table might enjoy or be more inclined to see as your possible future.


This is a free version of the game, totally printer friendly with all the extra removed you won't need when printed.


We are NOT a retro clone. We use the retro clone foundations and shift a few things to make more sense and more fun, but 99% of our DNA IS the original seed game. If you've backed and or played our first game Oubliettes, Sorcery, and Reavers (OS+R), you are familiar with how we manipulate the rules and make them exciting in new ways. Same here. We promise you, our gun fights will be the most fun version of a two-way range in an rpg you've played. And the easiest. And allows hacking to occur concurrently with no lull in action at either end of the spectrum.

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This is a free version of the game, totally printer friendly with all the extra removed you won't need when printed.

Where is this exactly? I'm not really looking for new games to buy now (I already have too many), but I'd take a quick look based on the above description, and hey, who knows.

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