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Release NeuroSpasta (5E) RELEASED


First Post
Who wants cyberpunk for 5th Edition?

NeuroSpasta is a transhumanism/cyberpunk setting utilizing 5th Edition rules and based on the hugely successful Ultramodern5.

NeuroSpasta does require Ultramodern5, but we have offered a bundle where both can be purchased for cheaper.

And for those that have already acquired the Ultramodern5, simply select the bundle and acquire the new book on sale. YES, a first day and permanent sale for those who already own Ultramodern5.

The links below are for the main NeuroSpasta game and for the bundle. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

……yessss, there will be a Print-On-Demand option. As before, we’ll hold off until we are certain there are no errors, and of course, supporters that purchase NeuroSpasta early will be able to acquire the POD edition at cost when it is available. Enjoy!




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