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13th Age New 13th Age Icons for my 5e D&D game

Cake Mage

First Post
I'm stealing the idea of icons from 13th Age and implementing them into a new campaign setting I made for an upcoming 5e D&D game. Take a look and tell me what you think.


  • WestmoorIcons.pdf
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I like the idea of bringing in the Icons to a 5E campaign. I think its the one thing in 13th Age I found unique enough to want to steal. Is the mechanical aspect of Icons OGL? If so, it might be nice to include a summary. Keep in mind not everyone will have 13th Age.

On first blush through, other than some basic editing issues, I think this looks decent.

Cake Mage

First Post
I'm no legal expert, so when I tried to find whether or not the Icons of 13th Age mechanics are OGL or not, I failed. So, erroring on the side of caution, I won't put the rules there.

For my game, I'm not even going to use the die roll mechanic every game. I feel it will dictate too much on how the session goes. Instead, I may ask for a roll if the characters are dealing with somehting in the Icon's purview. I'll go back and re-edit that first paragraph (along with the edits you mentioned) to solidify that idea.

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