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NEW - 5e Compatible Campaign Setting from Double Critical - Kickstarter Event - PLAY TEST for FREE


Based on the WIZARD of OZ books by Frank L Baum. A ton of new monsters, character classes, magic items, and more.
CLICK HERE (free open test docs)

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I have been a big Oz nut as long as I've been into D&D (I was introduced to D&D at summer camp and came home to my mom giving me a copy of the Road to Oz).

I'm very impressed at what's laid out in the campaign. There are some deep cut characters listed, like Lurline and Bellina. (This might be the first D&D setting where people can play a heroic talking chicken.)

Am I right that you're just pulling from Baum and not Thompson or others?


So glad you like it! The guys at Double Critical really did their research and they have a history with loving the Frank L Baum books. I think they dip into the other a little as well, but it's predominantly Baum. They really wanted to get the crazy magical nature of the realm, so yeah there are game mechanics for crafting crazy animated (sentient) constructs or mundane animals, etc...

If I can get their approval I'll post some pics of the monsters here. I actually did their sizzle reel for this kickstarter project and just want to help them have a good launch.

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