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Coming New actual play - Level Quest - first stream Nov 9th


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I’m Kory, the DM for a new D&D actual play stream called Level Quest airing Wednesdays at 7:00 pm PT on Twitch. Real people, remote play, melodrama, inappropriate comedy… the usual.

Session #1 is scheduled for Nov. 9th Nov. 23rd – we’d be honored to have you check out our story.

Level Quest takes place in the world of Illistera (ILL-is-TARE-uh) – an unforgiving and elemental land yet ravaged by echoes of the past the brightest minds are still trying to understand. Civilization struggles forward despite raging storms and violent neighbors. Hungering monstrosities await the foolhardy braving the wilds in search of glory and long-buried treasures.

The PCs are regular folk. Commoners thrust into a story larger than they could have imagined, beset by visions of the past, and bestowed with power beyond the reach of most. What they choose to do with it… well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

The land is as threatening as its denizens, meaning survival is far from guaranteed for our heroes. They do, however, have one advantage…

If death simply meant a new beginning, how would you approach life? Would you sacrifice yourself for a cause knowing all it costs is time? We explore these questions and more as the PCs are born again and again, reckoning with the long-term consequences of their actions in a manner unseen in most campaigns.

The decisions will be difficult.
The challenges brutal.
Welcome to Illistera.

Leap of Faith
Rocks Fall… Nobody Dies
Ambiance Inspiration

If you want to see more, the full vid of our “tech run part 2” from last night (11/2) is also up on Twitch. Nothing shown there is canon :p


Thanks for reading! I hope this intrigues you enough to toss us a follow on Twitch and stop by our inaugural stream on Wednesday, Nov 9th Nov. 23rd. We’ll also be posting VODs to Youtube and creating a podcast version for on-the-go enjoyment.

If you would like more information or to learn a bit about our party, check out our website: www.level-quest.com. I’m happy to answer questions here as well.

Your Unseen Servant,
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First Post
Reporting back to share that we are now Twitch Affiliates! Super excited about the momentum we've gained and the enthusiasm from some of our followers.

Just wanted to share the link again and let this great community know about what we're doing in case anyone's interested.
Discord (if you want to come hang out with the cast and our other fans)

Happy gaming, y'all!

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