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Release New Adventure for Mage the Ascension: Slaughter in the Death Dimension


From Jim Thomson, the Author of “Blood Orgy in the House of Pain” comes an adventure module for Mage the Ascension!

Somewhere beyond reality lies a nightmare realm where ancient wretches writhe in senile decay and plot the doom of worlds. Old beyond reckoning, vile beyond any reasonable definition of the word, the Ordo Omega hunch in their rotting chantry and mutter black prayers through withered lips, to what cruel gods no sane man dares contemplate.

Perhaps someone ought to kill them. Perhaps it should be you. Who knows what treasures you might loot from their hoard or what ghastly schemes you might avert? But before you kill them, you would first have to find them. And avoid being killed by them, we might add. Or worse than killed. Or for that matter, much, much worse.

“Slaughter in the Death Dimension” weighs in at 109 pages, but it’s a simple, direct story and easy to run (insofar as any Mage adventure is ever easy to run). It’s so big because it’s rammed full to bursting with maps, illustrations and options for the Storyteller. And all for just five bucks!

A freakish, limping Frankenstein abomination of a book, It’s one part adventure scenario grafted together with one part location sourcebook. It details a ghastly boneyard Euthanotic chantry and the things and people you might kill there. Easy to slot into an existing campaign, it comes with four different plots you can use to get your platers’ cabal to explore it.

Are your players brave enough to face slaughter in the death dimension? Go buy a copy and find out! Slaughter in the Death Dimension - White Wolf | Storytellers Vault

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