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New battlemap projection software for in-person rpg sessions


It has been 2 years since my buddy Jan and I dreamed about the perfect software for our Dynamic Dungeons video maps on our ceiling mounted projector. The dream got weirder every day, the feature list including grid, fog of war, visual and sound effects and even 3d maps with weather and 24h daytime support grew constantly.

We dreamed a lot, made a concept, developed the thing, founded a company, gave a name to the baby and last weekend Infinite Realms finally hit Kickstarter!

Here is the trailer I made:

Infinite Realms is no VTT, it is optimized for ease of use at the table using different tools you will find in VTTs as well, such as grid and fog of war.

But due to its 3d engine core we also offer advanced features like visual effects (lookup tables, hue, saturation, contrast, bloom, film grain, distortion) and a powerful sound system with a huge ambient sound and music library. All this can be used with 2d maps / image files and video maps - and no need to upload these files anywhere, just open locally!

The cherry on the cake are our 3d scenarios that are each about 40 times the size of a video map (e. g. Dynamic Dungeons) and have realtime customizable weather and time of day.

The Early Access version is done and will be released to our backers as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends (February 14th). With the funds raised we plan to build more features and more 3d maps for Infinite Realms before we unleash the final version to the public late summer this year.

Thanks for reading (and hopefully sharing)! Check it out on Kickstarter!


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