Free New Bonus Encounter: Rumble in the Streets — Download Free until Tuesday

As a special treat and a sneak peek into what's coming, we're thrilled to present the "Rumble in the Streets" D&D 5e encounter! This encounter is a bonus supplement to our upcoming adventure book, soon to be launched on Kickstarter. But it's designed so you can drop it into any urban adventure now and includes a new illustrated monster guaranteed to be a 💥smash💥 at your table!

Get Your Free Copy Before Tuesday​

For a limited time, you can download this thrilling encounter absolutely FREE! Download your free copy and experience the excitement, but it will disappear soon, after which only our patrons will have access to it.

A New Free Encounter Each Week!​

This is just the beginning. We have more bonus encounters lined up for you. Don't miss out on any of them! Sign up for Wyrmworks Publishing's Hoard to get free copies of all these amazing supplements, each available for one week only. (In next week's, you'll be drowning in excitement!)

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