New Boston Gameday: October 19, 2013! PLAYER REGISTRATION OPEN

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Hey, everyone!

Could you kindly sign me up for "Sertorius" in the AM shift, and the "Fate" game in the afternooon?

(And I can't believe my friend Lovable Scoundrel actually beat me to the punch on this one for a change!!) :)


Please sign me up for FickleGM's game in the afternoon.

I am still good to go for running in the AM if it comes to that.

Hollowpoint: bad people killing bad people for bad reasons

(I almost typed "bag people killing bag people for bag reasons," causing me to reconsider my game completely...)


With four players, my game is officially on. Players should expect a simple questionnaire (6 questions, one of which will be "What is your name?") in their PM boxes this weekend. [MENTION=16485]ShadowDenizen[/MENTION], [MENTION=6707806]A loveable scoundrel[/MENTION], [MENTION=11195]Seonaid[/MENTION] and [MENTION=177]Umbran[/MENTION] (is Ladysprite a member? If not, this will go to your PM Box) watch your PM box this weekend.


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Looks like a lot turnout, so I'm going to bet I won't have enough people to run my game in the afternoon. Please put me down for "Who You Gonna Call?" instead. I'm still willing to run if I get enough people though.


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Yah, the afternoon's looking kind of empty. I'll come to gameday prepared, but I'm okay to fold my game, and move into whichever other has space.

Zephrin the Lost

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Wow slow one! Ok I can't really run Leverage with less than 5 and it's a pretty hectic weekend for me so it probably makes sense for me to step aside and to fold my game into Setoriuos. Have a great day everyone!


Okay, compression time! I'm no surprised -- I guessed that we'd end up with two games per slot for an autumn game day, so no worries there.

I'm making the following changes:


Star Wars/Leverage game cancelled.
MrsFickleGM, Ladysprite and Umbran moved into Sertorious (a game that had great buzz last gameday.)


Savage Worlds game cancelled.
Atomic Robo game cancelled.

Dashwood moved into MnM.
Umbran moved into Fate.


Piratecat and Umbran, if you get a chance, please answer the short questionnaire that I PMed to each of you. Umbran, I sent it to you for Ladysprite, but now it looks like you can use it, too. :)

Thank you.


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Hey folks. Sorry [MENTION=35735]Dantilla[/MENTION] and I have not yet responded. We've been quite busy the last few days. Something about getting married (to each other even!) or something like that.

We're busy in the morning but would love to attend in the afternoon. I am sorry to see the Atomic Robo game cancelled. That would have been my ideal choice. If both afternoon sessions get full, perhaps we could come and just hang out and visit with everyone?

Also, as one of those who participated in Sertorius last time, that certainly seemed a lot of fun to me. I'd be curious to see how it's changed since last game day. Might have to chat with Bill about that.


Address is added to the first post!

[MENTION=74330]LordBill[/MENTION], I realized that our host was a big slacker and hadn't signed up yet. Can you fit a 7th into your game?
[MENTION=20334]Tharian[/MENTION], congratulations, you guys! That's fantastic. We are currently full on games, but if you think you can come, we can un-cancel one of the other games and try to get another game in. Let us know ASAP. Either way, you're welcome to come and hang out.

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