New Boston Gameday: October 19, 2013! PLAYER REGISTRATION OPEN

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All righty! Directions are posted, we're figuring out lunch plans, and I'm printing off characters. Can't wait for tomorrow.

EDIT: [MENTION=74330]LordBill[/MENTION], we'll need to add a 7th player in your game, please.
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Like I said, we'd love to just come and hang out. Don't worry about un-canceling anything. After being full-bore into planning and execution the past few weeks, it'll be nice to just sit back and relax a bit.

We'll see everyone tomorrow.


If anyone in my game has Fate or Fudge dice, that would be great. Cindy's and the girls' sets are packed, so I am a set short.


Thank you, as well, for running a great game and helping to make my game successful and thank you to our gracious host, his family and all the other players!

Goodness me that was fun! Thank you for the ability to be a caveman and summon cthullu all in one day. Thanks to our host and his family. Thanks to everyone who came and ran. Thanks to my players, who were awesome!

I can not WAIT to do that again.

So wish I could have been there based on what Lord Bill told me. Those who played Sertorius (or who have an interest). If you would like to have the current rules, I would be happy to send PDFs of the manuscript (it is still pre-layout and not yet edited). Just PM me and I can send the files.

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