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New campaign Idea


First Post
Please note that if this is in the wrong place could someone please move it.
I would like feed back on this idea for my new campaing setting.

The fall of the humans--
In the beggining the human empire rose to rule over most of the world setting.
The empire is a mix of the age of the samuri philosophy and the visual aspect is the Roman Empire.

The humans, being short lived sought to much and challenged even the gods for power.
The result is that the formor good gods have been corrupted.

1. The rule aspect is that the majority of the gods have been corupted by the folly of man.
2. There are no humans or half human players. I am giving minor boosts to the other classes and opening up the monster races.
3. Books that I am using draw from Ebberon, Forgotten realms, and Iron Kingdoms
4. The meta Plot resolves about redemption of the gods or possible replacement.
5. The first 5 or 10 levels the characters are developing their alingments. They start as true Neutral then move toward their eventual alingment.
6. Some of the gods are coming from this web site Realms of Evil.net
7. I am going for a evilish campaing setting

Any ideas suggestion or assistance would be great.


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First Post
I've found that few options exist for non-human games (other than the few +0 level adjustment races) because +1 or greater level adjustments are so damaging to character playability.

Here is any idea I'd like to try and perhaps others here can comment on if they think it would work.

Use the Gestalt character rules (pg. 72) from Unearthed Arcana with the Monster Class rules from Savage Species (pg. 152), Libris Mortis (pg. 33), Champions of Ruin (pg. 10), etc.

Since a gestalt character gets two class levels at each character level one class is the monster class and the other is whatever class the player wants to play (primarily). This way you can have viable Centaur Wizards and other flavorful options. The reason I like this idea is it keeps every character with the same number of hit dice (which I think is important for gameplay). In my non-human game I'm considering requiring all PCs be from monster classes with at least 4 or 5 levels.


Sage of the Scarred Lands
*hopes maybe you'll use Slitheren/Ratmen from Creature Collection Revised*

I mean if you have Warhammer Fans, they'll love you for it! ;)

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