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Release NEW Cyberpunk/SciFi/Mystery TTRPG "Destiny of Celtara"

Paul_that guy

First Post
Hi, I’m Paul

and I would like to invite you to „Destiny of Celtara“ a new cyberpunk/scifi/mystery TTRPG.
DoC is developed and published by me and has recently gone public.

Some key points:

- a free XP system without class or level restrictions

- 9 attributes, 26 skills, 34 weapon types, over 300 abilities (because numbers)

- a dice pool system based on D10

- turn based combat system with initiative and Action Points

- currently 4 archetypes to choose from

- a grounded, hard scifi setting were stuff makes sense (don’t worry there is enough freaky stuff going on)

- a huge Fate system that is actually an important part of the world and lore

- game can be played traditionally but also over digital platforms like Tabletop Simulator

The game is mainly designed for long-campaign group content but can also be played by solo players if you really can’t find anybody to play with.
All rules, lore and needed resources can be found FOR FREE on the website.


There is also a YouTube channel with some videos if you would rather hear my German accent.

I’m actively developing the game and I intend to do so for a long time.

If you have question or just want to talk about the game you can use the discord server or send me a mail. Both can be found on the website.

If you want to take up playing, I’m also currently looking for new players for a group, if that sounds interesting to you message me.

Hope to see you soon,


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