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New D&D Movie in the works?

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Oh no..

Gerry Lively again? Good grief.

Eh, could be worse. Wrath of the Dragon God at least had some redeeming value. Now if it was Courtney Solomon, I'd agree that it wouldn't even be worth considering, but with Lively, I'll at least make the effort to learn more about it.


Wrath of the Dragon God was a good direct to cable D&D movie.

My favorite part was how they resurrected the cleric off camera. In the last scene, the thief and barbarian are in a courtyard, and the cleric just walks up to them and they smile. All you can see is his back and the side of his face, but it's him. (I'm not the only one who noticed this, right?)

Hopefully Book of Vile Darkness isn't another direct to cable movie, but it probably is. I think the director did a good enough job last time, and maybe now that he has some more experience directing and with the property, he'll do even better.

And after the movie does great on DVD, (and the new Conan movie makes sword & sorcery popular again), they'll greenlight a major motion picture based on Drizzt. :-D


There is no way this can be a truly Book of Vile Darkness movie and be a family friendly DnD movie, at least not in my Book.