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From The Nerd Daily

We are thrilled to be revealing the cover for R.A. Salvatore's new novel 'Starlight Enclave', which is the first installment in a new trilogy! Out August 3rd from Harper Voyager!


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Dire Bare

Do not like the cover art at all. Not that it impacts the words inside, but . . .

I think this one, Starlight Enclave, is number 35? I still have the most recent two, Boundless (#33) and Relentless (#34) sitting unread on my Kindle. On one hand, I think this is a series that could have ended a long time ago, and I have a hard time motivating myself to read the next book. On the other hand, I usually enjoy each book, even with the issues I have with Salvatore's writing. So, I'll pick up Starlight Enclave and get caught up on my Drizzt reading at some point, likely over the summer. But it's hard to get excited about this news.

Now if WotC announced NEW D&D novels with NEW stories and NEW characters . . . whoo-boy, I'd certainly get excited about that!

Can't blame WotC and Salvatore for still pumping these out however, they still sell better than anything else, I'm sure.


Care factor 0. Last Drizzt books I read were crap, Elf monk Gauntlygrym etc. Pwent being a vampire still annoying.

Rereading War of Spider Queen still good.


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I'm not sure if this was posted elsewhere, but here's the blurb about the book from the HarperCollins pre-order page (which says that this will come out on August 3rd of this year):

After the settling dust of the demon uprising and two years of peace, rumblings from the Menzoberranzan drow have Jarlaxle nervous. Worried his allies may be pulled into a Civil War between the great Houses, he is eager to ensure Zaknafein is armed with weapons befitting his skill, including one in particular: Khazid’hea. A powerful artifact, the sword known as “Cutter” has started wars, corrupted its users, and spilled the blood of many, many people. Nonetheless—or maybe because of that—the rogue Jarlaxle and a small group of friends will go on an expedition looking for the weapon’s last wielder, Doum’wielle, in the freezing north, for she may be the key to unlocking the sword’s potential…and perhaps the key to preventing the bloodshed looming over the Underdark.

And as they explore the top of the world, Drizzt is on a journey of his own—both spiritual and physical. He wants to introduce his daughter Brie to Grandmaster Kane and the practices that have been so central to his beliefs. But, having only recently come back from true transcendence, the drow ranger is no longer sure what his beliefs mean anymore. He is on a path to determining the future, not just for his family, but perhaps the entire northlands of the Realms themselves.

Two different roads. On one, Jarlaxle and Zaknefein are on a quest to find pieces that could offer salvation to Menzoberranzan. On the other, Drizzt seeks answers that could offer salvation to not just his soul, but all souls.

And no matter the outcome of either journey, the Realms will never be the same again.

I have a pet theory about this trilogy (based really on nothing more than a hunch and some tea-leaf reading), that it’s going to climax with [definite spoiler for several 5e hardcover adventure paths] Drizzt using the Netherese obelisks to rewrite history so that [spoiler for the upcoming Drizzt novel trilogy if my theory is correct, in other words only a spoiler if pure speculation counts as spoilering] the descent of the drow never happened and Lolth’s grip on the race is permanently undone.


I kind of gave up on these novels a while back during spell plague novels, especially when it was all emo Drizzt all the time.

Read the trilogy where they got the old gang and didn't bother after that. So, I don't know maybe I'll get it from the library eventually.

Probably more likely to by the CR novel mentioned in the other thread.


First Post
Is that really meant to be Drizzt on the cover? It's nearly three decades after the Starless Night cover art debacle, and they're STILL having problems finding anyone who can draw drow...
To be fair, Todd Lockwood was a pretty damn good cover artist for many Drizzt books. Too bad his work was last seen on The Last Threshold.


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Old Man White Drizzt with a droopy eye / Traditional Charcoal Skin, White Hair Drow Drizzt / Kinda purple so still drow Drizzt

1620353799421.png 1620353845003.png1620353951616.png

And then this new book cover that looks like my buddy Tom from accounting with a slight fade on the side in his hair, which he is dying to darken it.

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