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Coming New Games Coming Late 2022

Hello friends, hope everyone is doing well during these chaotic times.
Things have been quiet on the KnightsTabletopRPG front. I'm currently on hiatus, but working on a very big 3D project. I've been working on it since Christmas 2021 and still in the early stages of alpha development.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to advertise much of the late 2021 tabletop and 3D releases so I invite you to check out the game's official website at your earliest convenience. These new Tabletop and 3D games will be something else, so look forward to it.

I'm currently only selling through Itch.io where I get 100% of your contribution. This helps me keep games affordable while being able to invest a larger portion of $$$ towards new projects. There's currently no plans to return to DTRPG, but if you have any of my products in your shopping cart it seems like you can still buy them there, if you applied a discount in the past.

Will keep you updated!

Kind regards,
Felix, J.

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Dear friends, the time is almost here. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and perhaps a rare video commentary of upcoming projects. I was supposed to be off hiatus already but damn, Elden Ring got me hooked.

About The Delays…

Kept you waiting, huh!? You’ll have to wait a little longer, friend.

Sincere apologies for delays this year. Here’s a good bit of good news. I’m officially not playing Elden Ring. This means I’m putting more time into the upcoming new games.

I’m currently trying to gather more funding for my upcoming projects. The best way to help out is to go on itch and grab yourself a copy of the ex dtrpg bestseller, Knights & Legends: Dark Ink.

There’s some big announcements coming up but I’m taking my time and reflecting upon it first. Make sure to bookmark this thread for exciting news in the upcoming weeks/months? As you already know, top secrecy is the only way to keep copycats in the dark.

I’m finally picking up pace after 9 months in hiatus. In this article I’d like to highlight some of the cool things in this Survival Sim featuring RPG mechanics, and what to expect from here on. Including a dedicated Tabletop RPG, and more. For starters, I am pleased to share with you a brand new Dev Log I made for my newest creation. This video is featured in the new Black Dragon Survive YoutubeTM channel. Here I talk about many of the current features already implemented, also future mechanics I plan to add moving forward with development.

Black Dragon Survive is a fresh new idea that carries over many mythological aspects from past medieval adventures written by me. You’re stranded in an unknown island after a storm washes your cargo ship ashore. You’re forced to scavenge for food in order to survive. You’re free to explore anywhere in this 3km2 landmass from the get go. Fighting enemies isn’t the priority, surviving is. Things can get ugly once you stumble upon this island’s inhabitants. Like giant toxic plants, mythological fauns, and even some old cursed remains of previous visitors to this place.

Stay alive long enough while you wait to be rescued. In the meantime, as you explore this natural treasure, feel free to colonize places as you advance towards the innermost section of the island. Name locations, set markers, discover the secrets within this mysterious land. Luckily you aren’t all alone. You can count on the crew to lend you some most needed aid. Your companion Ivanna, will follow you wherever you go. She will carry extra supplies and even cheer for you while you fight off enemies. Tech, is your connections guy. He will attempt to connect with the outside world while you two explore and gather resources.

Watch out for sliding rocks coming off of cliff edges, tread carefully in the perilous swamp, sneak past enemies, or hunt them for much needed resources. You have total freedom to do as you please. Black Dragon Survive is a authentic open world experience where you’re truly free to do as you wish. Your strategy moving forward will make all the difference.

Please like and subscribe to the game’s YouTube channel. The more likes the more impressions this ambitious new idea gets. Also, stay tuned for crowdfunding in the near future. Your contribution not only makes it possible, it will get you some unique contributor rewards! More to be announced soon. Thank you for your support, and please don’t forget to share it with friends.

To my friends here at the Tabletop RPG community. Black Dragon Survive will launch with its own tabletop rpg following the PC game release. It's going to be a big project, I wish to make it at least 200~400 pages long. There's going to be illustrations, fresh designed rules, players handbook, and detailed tips on how to run it. Naturally, a work of this magnitude will take a little longer than expected. Since I'm a little behind schedule, expect the PC game by late Q4 2022, and the tabletop rpg by the end of Q2 2023.

Right now I need funding. Funding that will cover for illustrations, a small percentage of my time of work, and one very important detail. I wish to make the tabletop version of the game free for everyone. Unfortunately nothing in this world is "free" and I'm trying to secure some funding ahead of time. I'll likely start a modest crowdfunding soon, ideally no less than a grand.

Half of that is to pay for the Unity splash image removal for the 3D game.
The other portion will go towards the Tabletop RPG for illustrations, etc.
Anything over the max amount will be used for yearly hosting expenses and future updates to either games.
There will be rewards for contributors as well. I'm still going to see what I can come with it.

I'll keep you posted on the latest in the next few weeks!

Hello, friends. Are you ready to brake the 4th dimension? This is how you win a free copy my bestselling, Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e. I've been busy at work creating Black Dragon Survive. There are plans for a free tabletop version of the game too. However, that will take some time. It doesn't look like there will be any releases this year. Meanwhile, you can play this demo. Find the message in a bottle, solve the puzzle in Astonia of the riffs, claim your reward!

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