New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 6th August 2018

Welcome to the latest rundown of the New Releases hitting game stores this week, and a selection of last week's PDF releases! A little later this week due to Gen Con travelling, but a great selection nevertheless. Highlights include the new Legend of the Five Rings Beginners Set from Fantasy Flight Games and R. Talsorian's The Witcher RPG, now available in PDF!

For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


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The Witcher Pen & Paper RPG
Core Rulebook
By R. Talsorian Games

In the midst of the 3rd Nilfgaardian War Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, scours the Continent for traces of his lost love! But this is not the only tale. A million other stories play out across the vast continent and you are right in the middle of one of them!

The Witcher Pen & Paper RPG allows you to tell your own story in the world of The Witcher! Adventure across the Continent, interacting with living legends and influencing the politics of the land! Fight in the brutal and horrific Third Nilfgaardian War. Or play out your own adventure as you avoid death and dismemberment!


  • [*=center]9 Unique Classes: Play as Bards, Craftsmen, Criminals, Doctors, Mages, Men Art Arms, Merchants. Priests, & Witchers.
    [*=center]A Bestiary of Vicious Monsters: Traverse the wild and hunt everything from the troublesome nekker to the hulking, hypnotic fiend.
    [*=center]Numerous Spells & Invocations: Call upon the chaotic magic of the Witcher world to summon tornadoes, leave hidden messages, and more.
    [*=center]A Visceral Combat System: Skill & tactics rule the day and a wrong move can mean ruptured organs or more.

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Shattered Fortress
BattleTech Supplement
By Catalyst Game Labs

Republic in Flames!

In 3146, the Republic of the Sphere hangs by a tenuous thread. The last fragments of Devlin Stone’s dream to shepherd humankind toward a more prosperous future hide behind the impenetrable defenses of Fortress Republic. As the interstellar communications blackout rages, the ambitious Great Houses vie for military dominance, and the bloodthirsty Clans strive to find a weakness in the Fortress’s armor on their path to conquering Terra and claiming the coveted title of ilClan. When the Wall comes down, will the Inner Sphere plunge even further into the abyss of interstellar war, or will this herald the dawning of a new age?

Shattered Fortress chronicles the twilight of BattleTech’s Dark Age, as nations are thrown into turmoil and predators circle the broken remnants of the Republic of the Sphere. This volume provides a year-by-year look at pivotal turning points in Inner Sphere, offers a peek behind the curtain of Fortress Republic, and reveals the fateful decisions that will ultimately decide the future of the Inner Sphere.

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Alien Bestiary
Starfinder Supplement
By Legendary Games

The Alien Bestiary brings you an incredible array of sci-fi and space-themed monsters and menaces for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! The creatures you’ll find within are perfect for whenever your heroes venture into the dark tapestry of space or have to defend their homeworld from alien invasion by eldritch horrors from beyond the stars, whether you use the official Starfinder setting, a universe of your own design, or a dedicated sci-fi saga like the Legendary Planet Adventure Path or in the Aethera Campaign Setting!

You’ll find allies and adversaries within these pages, from playable races for your sci-fi game to cosmic horrors and apocalyptic enemies inspired by classic themes of science fiction. This volume collects nearly 300 monsters from CR &frac;12; to CR 30, including template grafts and starship-level creatures from tier 4 to 18. You’ll find residents of the Legendary Planet and Aethera settings,Starfinder versions of classic creatures like the myrmidon robot, plasma ooze, and star-spawn of Cthulhu, alongside brand-new never-before-seen monsters like the asteroid worm, star fairy, meteor dragon, and supermassive singularity!

The Alien Bestiary is more than just monsters too, with appendices devoted to cults of the Great Old Ones, creatures of the Aethera system, creature indices by type and CR, high-tech traps and hazards, and spells, feats, and expanded rules for aetherite radiation, vacuum, and more! The PDF version, of course, is hyperlinked and bookmarked for your convenience, and the book is packed with incredible artwork and delightful design by some of the best authors in the business. These monsters are dynamic and cinematic in how they play at the table, with ecology, history, and lore that are a pleasure to read.

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The Unspeakable Oath #25
Call of Cthulhu Magazine
By Arc Dream Publishing

Not Dead – Lurking…

With strange aeons, even death may die. But The Unspeakable Oath never will. This 25th issue brings you artifacts, tomes, and scenario seeds for Call of Cthulhu...four Delta Greenscenarios (three short and sharp, one sprawling and lurid)...Delta Green features on privacy (or the lack thereof) and tactics for agents...and gripping explorations of the webs of Atlach-Nacha. We are positively bloated with excitement for our return!

The Unspeakable Oath 25 is edited by Shane Ivey, Daniel Harms, Bret Kramer, and John Scott Tynes, and illustrated by Kurt Komoda, with cover art by David LaRocca.

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Protocol Fantasy Omnibus, A Guide to GMless Gaming
Core Rulebook
By Post World Games

This book is many things. It is a toolbox for better gaming. It is an introductory document for people who’ve never played a GMless game before. Or who are having trouble making the transition into GMless games. What it cannot be is a replacement for you and your imagination.

GMless ‘story’ gaming is sometimes referred to as gaming for gamemasters. As ironic as this statement is, understanding how to be a good story gamer or GMless gamer is about knowing that you aren’t gaming for just yourself anymore, but that you are putting yourself into the roles of author, storyteller, AND roleplayer at the same time — skills most gamemasters have had to develop over time.

This book is the first of its kind, walking gamers through the logic of gmless play and teaching them how to be good at it.

This book contains the following protocol games, focused on fantasy storytelling: Back to the Grave*, Black Dragon Inn, Clockwork Girl, Damascus, Deep Country*, The Desperation of Atlantis*, The Doom King, Drown the Pig*, Five Broken Swords, The Goblin, Highland Clearances, Home, Home II: March of the Damned*, House of Keys*, Lady Winter, The Oxbow*, Scions of the Last Age*, Svázany Rukojemníkov, and Valpurgis Night*.

Games marked with an asterisk (*) are only presently available in this book, but will eventually be released separately.

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Fragged: Dieselpunk Mecha
Core Rulebook
By Design Ministries

The screech of steel meeting steel, the rattle of gunfire, and the pungent reek of gasoline fills the air as mechanical monstrosities battle across a rural horizon of rolling hills, quaint farmsteads and horse-drawn carts…
Meanwhile, the cities are technological wonders: vast skyscrapers tower over sparkling city streets as hovering public trams rattle through overflowing shopping districts and over teeming crowds. They are places of great thought and culture on the surface, but are rife with corruption, intrigue, and espionage as politicians and industrialists vie for power, and scientists steal each other’s secrets.

The year is 1945. The nation-states of Cronicia are immersed in a catastrophic war that has raged on for over a decade. The formerly impassable mountain ranges that once separated the great powers of the People’s Republic of Gerim and the Brashja Empire mean little when faced with Cronicia’s newest wonders, including anti-gravity parachutes and massive sky-fortress zeppelins, which can insert forces directly into tactical locations.

This war threatens to tear Cronicia apart as technology advances at an unprecedented rate, turning major cities into majestic hubs of civilization while simultaneously robbing the smaller villages and surrounding nations of their resources. The only balancing powers remaining are the Nomadic Houses, a loose confederation of people formed by the innumerable refugees forced to flee their homelands due to the countless wars fought over many centuries. Nomadic pilots turn to mercenary work as a chance to earn a living for themselves and protect their Houses from erasure.

Players will (generally) take control of one of these Nomadic mercenaries, fighting in their own private Mecha for coin, fame or lofty ideals. The Nomads, who occupy central Cronicia, are in prime locations to strike against all sides, and possibly each other.

But as the nations of Cronicia fixate on war, they overlook greater threats. News of mechanical undead horrors, known as the Hollows, flood in from the south. Clandestine reports hint at occult covens and saucer-like unidentified flying crafts. If Cronicia does not find a path towards peace and uncover the true powers fuelling the land’s endless wars, the entire continent may be doomed...

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The Beasts of Kraggoth Manor
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea Adventure
By North Wind Adventures

An adventure in Hyperborea designed for from four to six characters of 4th through 6th level

Your party have travelled northeast from the great city of Khromarium, through the unforgiving expanse known as the Lug Wasteland. You undoubtedly seek greater riches in the north: ruined tombs secreting ancient artefacts, deep caves filled with long-lost Atlantean technology, or strange villages built atop sacred Hyperborean burial grounds that brim with pre–Green Death treasures. Finally, after having emerged from the treacherous bogs, you set up camp on a craggy outcropping that provides dry land and a modicum of protection from the crawling unknowns. Straightaway your attention is drawn by a nearby light source, a fire not more than a hundred yards away. Through the cacophony of croaking frogs, buzzing insects, and hissing slimy things, a shriek of pain knifes through the air.

The Beasts of Kraggoth Manor takes players into an action-packed realm of adventure: the mythical world of Hyperborea, a sword-and-sorcery campaign setting inspired by the fantastic fiction of Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and others. This adventure is designed for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (AS&SH), a role-playing game descended from the original 1974 fantasy wargame and miniatures campaign rules as conceived by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Therefore, AS&SH is compatible with most traditional fantasy role-playing games (c. 1974–1999) and their modern simulacra, such as OSRIC™ and Swords & Wizardry™.

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Mission Files
The Sprawl Adventure Anthology
By Ardens Ludere

Missions are the lifeblood of The Sprawl. Better lay down the plastic.

The Sprawl: Mission Files is a collection of ten new cyberpunk missions for The Sprawl. Infiltrations, extractions, heists, recovery ops, wetwork, investigations, hunts, pursuits, shakedowns, Mr Smith has them all… and more.

Ready to run. Each mission includes a brief summary of the fictional setup and details on the people and places involved, as well as all the clocks and directives you need.

Hack them into your own shape. Each mission also takes you behind the scenes with design notes on its structure and ideas for hacking the mission to make it uniquely yours.

Between the lines and beyond the missions. The Sprawl: Mission Files is also filled with MC advice and tips for how to handle tricky situations and how to tweak familiar features of the game to enrich your play experience.

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The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Player’s Guide
Pathfinder Supplement
By Zombie Sky Press

Nail down the furniture, and hide the children... the fey are coming!

And now you're one of us. Explore the darkness and worlds unknown as one of the fey. Toy with humanity or save its collecctive ass. Pull the strings in the Courts of Faerie and trade in secrets and memories. Or just explore the vast and wondrous unknown.

The Faerie Ring Player's Guide lets you play as one of twelve fey...​

  • [*=center]Black Hats
    [*=center]Far Darrig
    [*=center]Fir Bolg
    [*=center]Twilight Children

Including tons of archetypes, feats, equipment, and other player options.

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The Koln Machinations
Clockwork & Cthulhu Campaign
By Cakebread & Walton

1610. All of Europe teeters on the brink of war.

A Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign for 4-8 adventurers set in The Rhine River Valley, in The Holy Roman Empire, in the Year of Our Lord 1610.

The Köln Machinations is the second part of a campaign for Clockwork & Cthulhu which started with The Heydelberg Horror.

Requires the Clockwork & Chivalry Core Rulebook, 2nd Edition.

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Gaslight Victorian Fantasy
5th Edition Setting
By Battlefield Press

Battlefield Press, Inc presents Gaslight. A Victorian Fantasy where technology meets sorcery, where fantasy meets history. A world where Humans co-exist with Vampires, where fantasy meets history. Beast Men, Werewolves and Wildlings. A land of secret organizations and hidden agendas. Welcome to a Victorian world of magic, non humans and technology all trying to take their rightful place in society. Meet Vampire Detectives, Beast Men Sheriffs, and Wildling Rogues. Non humans in society exist from their counterparts in Victorian literature.

In Gaslight you will find:
• A history of Gaslight Earth
• A Target-Number based Wealth system
• Weapons and equipment from the Victorian era
• A detailed Gazetteer and Timeline

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Fate Setting
By Canterbury Games Studio

A Fate Core campaign setting of villainous henchment in a hero-thwarts-Doomsday device world.

Will you climb the greasy death trapped pole and ascend to become a villain in your own right? Or will your usefulness come to an end as you are cast into the mincing deathtrap of history? Contains New Rules Covering:

• Evil Organisations
• Superpowers and Gadgets
• Utility, a stress track of your usefulness to the organisation
• As well as new stunts and advice on play and setting

Requires Fate core to play.

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Marienberg: Sold Down the River
Warhammer Fantasy RPG 1st Edition Sourcebook
By Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Where Seagulls Dare…

At the sea-mouth of the River Reik stands Marienburg, the world's marketplace: the largest richest most corrupt and most dangerous city port in the Old World.

Here everything is for sale and nothing is without a price.In the markets and docks traders win and lose fortunes of exotic cargoes from every land. Meanwhile in slum taverns or beside filthy canals, more sinister deals are done for smuggled weapons, stolen booty, secrets, loyalties, bodies or worse. And with the Empire and Bretonnia both eyeing Marienburg’s wealth and location, the city is on a knife-edge, filled with racial tension, espionage and fear.

Built on 100 islands Marienburg is home to the richest man alive, the only enclave of Sea Elves in the Old World, and more gold then adventurers can dream of. Here on the edge of the Sea of Claws are so many chances for adventure, excitement and messing about in boats that even a corrupt local dock-master couldn’t count them all

Marienburg: Sold Down the River is a complete an incredibly detailed city sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Role-play containing everything at GM needs to run adventures and campaigns in this unique city.

It includes descriptions maps and histories of Marienburg and the surrounding Wasteland, information on Marienburg’s politics religion is laws and criminals as well as details of eight of the city is most important districts over 40 individual locations and almost 60 fully detailed nonplayer characters all with connections and secrets that can be used to create plots and adventures all the elements of woven together to create one of the most complete coherent and fascinating city sourcebooks ever released to any RPG.

Plus there is a complete scenario and 15 adventure seeds rules were trading and smuggling information on how to generate Wastelander PCs atmospheric artwork that brings Marienburg and its inhabitants to life and incredible panoramic the post map of the entire city and more.



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Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game – Beginner Game
Core Rules Set
By Fantasy Flight Games

In Rokugan, it is said that honor is stronger than steel. While even the finest blade can bend and break under the heat of the forge, the Emerald Empire’s society has been folded in the forges of politics and war for more than a thousand years, and it has not yet broken. The society of Rokugan follows a divinely ordered pattern set down by the eight Kami, who shared their celestial blessings with the mortal realm. Rokugan is a land of strict social stratification, where an improper look at the wrong time can mean death.

This is an era of sudden change and upheaval, however. Mortal schemes, natural calamities, and celestial turmoil alike have disrupted the political, military, and spiritual equilibrium of the land. Long-simmering rivalries and fresh betrayals ripple through the courts and on the battlefield. The Chrysanthemum Throne is beset by threats from without and within, and the honor of the seven Great Clans—the families descended from the heroes of legend and sworn to rule their lands in the Emperor's name—shall be put to the test.

This is the stage of The Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game, a new roleplaying experience in the land of honor and steel.

The Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game allows anyone to take on the role of a Samurai in Rokugan With a full range of four character folios, a fully realized adventure book, a set of custom dice, a map of Rokugan, a variety of tokens and a complete set of rules including a play example, The Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game gives newbies and veterans alike the perfect door to the Emerald Empire.

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Lands of Gold and Fire
7th Sea Sourcebook
By John Wick Presents

Woe to any who dare despoil the lands of gold and fire
For Ifrians value freedom, and the divine is always close…

For centuries the foolish have sought to rip the riches from Ifri, but none have been successful…until now. A timeless evil called Bonsam has partnered with the Atabean Trading Company in an attempt to exploit the lands of Gold and Fire. Demonic bonsam stones are mined from the earth in Mbey, where a broken King serves an unholy combination of evil and despotic greed.

Heroes will find themselves aided in their adventures by the mysterious and powerful Jok, who stand behind their chosen champions. Prepare to battle for the soul of Ifri, from glittering deserts, stunning jungles, and the vast open sea.

This book contains material for 7th Sea: Lands of Gold and Fireincluding new mechanics for Backgrounds, Advantages, Arcana, Stories, Dueling styles, and Sorceries. It also includes the five Nations of Ifri:

· Manden, a land overflowing with gold, with a keen eye for international diplomacy.
· Mbey, a once great nation now controlled by an ancient evil which threatens all of Terra.
· Maghreb, whose beloved Blue Queen reigns over a desert land with a fierce soul.
· Aksum, where logic combines with sorcery to create a strategic and effective empire.
· Khemet, where darkness shrouds an ancient empire and a Prince seeks to bring the light.

A shadow has cast its shape across the glorious lands of Gold and Fire, will you join the fight to dispel it?

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The Queen of Elfland’s Son
Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure #97
By Goodman Games

A Level 1 Adventure for DCC RPG

Strange attacks in the night plague the people of Eng. Slaughter and shadows keep the villagers inside after dark. Mighty adventurers are needed to seek out the source of these threats and stop them for good.

This quest will take the heroes to the very borders of Elfland and pit them against the cruelty of the Unseelie Court of Faerie. Will the heroes overcome the machinations of the Queen of Elfland or will they fall victim to the glamours and wiles of Elfland’s malicious nobility?



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Mountains of Madness
3-5 players, ages 12+, 60-90+ minutes
By Iello

Imagine yourself sitting on a plane. Players have to cooperate to reach the top of the Mountain and then escape safely, but the Mountain has more than one trick up its ghastly sleeve. In horror, you realize that the higher you fly, the crazier your teammates become! Each step you take, the leader must gather the necessary equipment from all other players to keep on flying.

Quick and clear communication is the key - but how will you stick together when your team starts developing weirder and weirder behaviour?

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2-4 players, ages 13+, 40-60+ minutes
By Fireside Games

Remnants brings to life its post-apocalyptic setting with real-time dice-rolling to gather resources, a market system with engine building to develop your compound, and a card-driven fight system to fend off raiders and mutant creatures. You’ll face a Level 1 threat, a Level 2 threat, and then a Raider Boss with a unique Power-Up. After the final attack, the game ends and the player with the most Victory points is the winner.

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Patchwork Express
2 players, ages 6+, 10+ minutes
By Lookout Games

Patchwork Express features the same basic gameplay as Patchwork, but with a smaller playing area and with larger and less complex pieces.

In the game, each player tries to build the most aesthetic (and high-scoring) patchwork quilt on a personal 7x7 game board.

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Streets of King’s Landing Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition Expansion
By Fantasy Flight Games

Streets of King's Landing is the third chapter pack in the Dance of Shadows cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Containing three copies each of twenty new cards, this pack immerses you in the world of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. As the story progresses into the pages of A Dance with Dragons, those who would play the game of thrones find themselves helplessly surrounded by enemies. In King's Landing, Cersei Lannister struggles to hold onto power as the Tyrells and the Faith of the Seven split the loyalties of the capital's citizens. At the Wall, Jon Snow takes the role of Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, but has trouble balancing the demands of duty with those of morality. Finally, In Essos, Daenerys Targaryen has become the queen of Meereen, only to discover that the realities of rule differ greatly from expectations.

The Dance of Shadows cycle reintroduces the player-favorite Shadow mechanic from A Game of Thrones: The Card Game First Edition. This mechanic increases the tension of your encounters, keeping games steeped in mystery and a constant fear of the unknown. As the sun sets on Westeros, you must decide how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice in order for your plots to come to fruition.

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Exit: The Sinister Mansion
1-4 players, ages 12+, 45-90+ minutes
By Komos

Exit: The Game – The Sinister Mansion is a puzzle game modeled after escape rooms.

Starting with season 3, the Exit series is divided into difficulty levels. The Sinister Mansion is categorized at intermediate level.

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A New Dynasty
Imhotep Expansion
By Kosmos

Imhotep: A New Dynasty adds five new places, fourteen market cards, seven god cards, four chariots, and 56 tiles to the Imhotep base game. God cards let players predict the progress of different buildings, with them being rewarded at the end of the game if they're correct and otherwise being punished.

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Dark Heroes
Legends of Andor Expansion
By Kosmos

Legends of Andor: Dark Heroes is an expansion for Legends of Andor: The Last Hope that includes four new hero boards — along with dice, cards and stand-up figures — so that you can confront the final part of the Andor story with up to six heroes at once.

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Amber Mines
Near and Far Expansion
By Red Raven Games

Golden Amber fills the deep mines, it's fiery, cold embers glowing in the ancient rocks. Scholars say that the Arzians valued it above gold or silver, and wore it as a sign of wealth. Perhaps the rare substance holds forgotten secrets about the long-dead empire and their lust for power?

Near and Far: Amber Mines is the first expansion to Near and Far. It includes modules that you can add or remove according to your preference.

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Barbearian Battlegrounds
2-4 players, ages 8+, 20-30+ minutes
By Greenbriar Games

Become one of four clans of adorable bear-warriors out to build the best neighbearhood in the forest! Don't expect this to be a picnic as your bears aren't the only ones fishing for glory, so be prepared to ward off attacks from your furry rivals. By gathering resources, pillaging your neighbears' villages, and developing your home turf, the tale of your clan will become legend.

BarBEARian Battlegrounds is a simultaneous secret-action, dice-puzzle, worker placement game for up to four players. Are your bears worthy enough to be every cub's bedtime story for generations to come? It's time to gather your clan, bear down, and hold on to your honey.

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Container: 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition!
3-5 players, ages 13+, 75-90+ minutes
By Mercury Games

Container, the classic game of big ships and big production, returns in a 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition! Now with huge ships and realistic containers to load and unload, building (or destroying) your living economy has never been more fun!

Container is an easy game with an open economy and lots of meaningful decisions. Build factories and warehouses, or focus on shipping goods to your island. Take advantage of government subsidies to ensure maximum profits! But watch out for your cash reserves because the player-driven market can go sour at any time, and you'll need to be ready to change your strategy.

Also included in this edition of Container is an all new add-on called "The Investment Bank". This new entity operates as a game-controlled broker who is seeking to maximize their own profits. Watch as the three brokers try to build their own cash and container resources and be ready to make a deal when the price is right. The Investment Bank add-on ensures new and interesting challenges for even the most seasoned Container player.

This 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition of Container features resin miniature ships 7 inches long!

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Dungeons of Arcadia Expansion

Adds a whole new group Heroes, as well as new Bosses and Tiles, adding new challenges and strategies to the game!

This set features 5 new Heroes eager to brave the Masmorra. Each of these Heroes comes with their figure, and hero board and cards featuring their unique abilities. Each of them also comes with an Arcadia Quest hero card, if you want to bring them into that game.

The Adventurers Set also introduces 2 brand new Bosses represented by tokens: Rhodus Mk1, the Mad Construct, and Gorka, the Orc Chieftain! And finally, this sets contains 2 brand new Medium Dungeon Tiles, one for Level I and one for Level II.

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Danger Circuit
Downforce Expansion
By Restoration Games

Downforce: Danger Circuit, an expansion for Downforce, consists of two new tracks on a double-sided game board as well as six new racer powers to shuffle with those in the base game.

Switchback Pass presents dangerous spaces. Cars may move through such spaces only to pass other cars and may not end their turn on one. Crosstown Speedway features two crossover loops, where cars in the rear can block cars ahead of them, and split areas of the track, where players must choose between the shorter single-lane section or the longer, more wide open section.

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Governors & Envoys
Sailing Towards Osiris Expansion
By Daily Magic Games

This expansion appends to the usual setup and game play rules. Each aspect of this expansion pack (Governors, Objectives, Envoys, and Boon of Ra) is modular and may be added to your game individually, all together, or in any combination.

The governor cards give a Governor a special privilege to use during play.

The objective cards describe a certain configuration of monuments that will, if achieved, give a Governor bonus glory points at the end of the game.

The Boon of Ra card modifies that Governors build action for the remainder of the current season.

Envoys reserve terrain section or city spaces for your use in a later action.

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Farmers of the Moor (Revised Edition)
Agricola Expansion
By Z-Man Games

Agricola: Farmers of the Moor, an expansion for the revised edition of Agricola, adds to the base game with a large set of new improvements as well as a number of new features. Horses are introduced as a new type of animal. In addition, you not only have to feed your family, but you must keep them from becoming "ill" by heating each room in your house. You can get fuel to heat your home by chopping down the forests on your farmyard or by harvesting peat.

If you have the five- and six-player expansion for the revised edition of Agricola, you can use Farmers of the Moor with up to six players.

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3-8 players, ages 9+.15+ minutes
By Breaking Games

Nobody puts princess in a tower!

Sparkle*Kitty is an adorably fun, social, and magical spell card game for all ages, sizes and genders. Once upon a time, a group of powerful princesses were captured and locked away in Cursed "No Cursing" towers by the evil queen Sparkle*Kitty! All their words and magic spells vanished and became sugar & spice... almost everything nice.

Luckily these are no ordinary princesses and you are no ordinary player! Take matters into your own hands and harness the simple and sweet words into special spell combinations to set yourself free! The first to escape, wins!



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Quartermaster General Expansion
By Griggling Games

Quartermaster General: Prelude adds a short pre-game of new “Prelude” cards, setting the stage for WW II.

The prelude has a truncated sequence of play designed to create differing opening situations from whence regular play can begin. There are two types of prelude cards: History and Armament. History cards are (generally) resolved immediately and have a tension modifier. Armament cards are played face down, like response cards, but cost a regular card to use (not to play). When the total tension from history cards gets to 10, regular play begins.

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Enemies of Rome
2-5 players, ages 10+, 90-120+ minutes
By Worthington Games

ENEMIES OF ROME is a 2 to 5 player game that plays in 90-120 minutes. Each player is a leader of Rome's vaunted legions. The game board portrays Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The game takes place in Roman history from 300 BC to 300 AD. A deck of 55 cards allows players to maneuver their forces, as well as the many enemies of Rome, while they try to become the one true Caesar.

The cards portray historic events from Roman history from 300 BC to 300 AD. Wooden cubes represent the legions of Rome, as well as the enemies of Rome. Special battle dice allow players to fight the enemies of Rome as they try to expand the Roman empire.

Historical events on the cards cause surprise and no two games will ever play the same. Gamers can form alliances to try to block other players.

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Saratoga 1777
1-2 players, ages 13+, 60-120+ minutes
By Worthington Games

The Saratoga 1777 campaign of the American Revolution resulted in a British defeat that was so shocking that it changed the course of the war. What started as a grand campaign by three British armies to end the rebellion resulted in the defeat of two of them and the capture of the third and largest army. Historically, the Americans had the odds stacked against them and yet pulled off a crushing victory over the greatest military power in the world. Can you as the British player defeat the American Continental army and its militia in the back woods along Lake Champlain and Lake George? Or as the American player can you, like Green Mountain boys and the farmers of those back woods defend your homeland and change the course of the war? The decisions are yours…

The game is Volume III of the Great Campaigns of the American Revolution which includes NY 1776, and TRENTON 1776.



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Commander 2018 Edition Deck
Magic: The Gathering Expansion
By Wizards of the Coast

Commander is a unique and exciting way to play multiplayer Magic, featuring lots of legendary creatures and big, game-changing spells. Your deck is built around a single legendary creature (the "commander," which can be cast multiple times), and can use only cards within that creature's color idenity. A Commander deck must be exactly 100 cards, and can't contain more than one copy of any card other than basic lands, making it a fun challenge for a creative deck builder. Play in a multiplayer free-for-all and maximize your commander's strengths to make sure you're the last one standing!

Commander (2018 Edition) brings back a very special category of commanders: planeswalkers! Yep, instead of a creature, each deck is led by a powerful planeswalker and built to take full advantage of their unique abilities. Most planeswalkers can't be used as commanders, but these four have been designed specifically to fill that role, so you can battle with a true legend of the Multiverse by your side.

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Powercode Link Structure Deck
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
By Konami​

The above list has been compiled based upon distributor and retail new releases mailouts I receive. Please note that there may be some geographic differences in release dates and/or availability of items. Please contact your local store for more information.

Please note: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item the author of this post will receive an affiliate commission.

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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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