New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 9th April 2018

A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


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Original Adventures Reincarnated #1: Into the Borderlands
5th Edition Adventure
By Goodman Games

The Borderlands. An untamed wild region far flung from the comforts and protection of civilization.

A lone fortified Keep is the onlybastion of Good desperately striving to maintain the forces of Chaos at bay. But Evil is everywhere, lurking in dark caves, fetid swamps, and forlorn forests. Bands of cutthroat brigands and ruthless tribes of humanoids eager to clash with the forces of Good rove the region. The Borderlands hold many secret wondrous locations, and the opportunities for fame, prestige, and fortune are plentiful. But equally abundant are the perils, risks, and challenges to those brave enough to explore the wilds.

Sharpen your swords and axes. Purchase your iron rations and tinderboxes. And don’t forget at least one 10-foot pole. Adventure awaits those with the mettle to confront Chaos in the Borderlands!

This tome is an homage to the origins of Adventure that began decades ago with B1: In Search of the Unknown and B2: The Keep on the Borderlands. Herein you will find high-quality scans from multiple printings of the original first edition adventure modules, plus commentary by such gaming luminaries as Luke Gygax and Mike Mearls. Full fifth edition conversions of both adventures are included, as well as brand new additional adventure locations to further expand and develop the Borderlands. This is a fully playable mini-campaign to start off your new fifth edition adventures, with a distinct old-school vibe.

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Petersen’s Abominations
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Scenarios
By Chaosium

A collection of five nightmarish modern-day scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game.

Gathered from across the aeons, this anthology of horror brings together for the first time a series of scenarios from the mind of Sandy Petersen, the creator of the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. Each one-shot scenario is designed for one or more sessions of play. Within, you will find the following tales of mystery and horror: Panazea, Hotel Hell, Mohole, The Derelict, and Voice on the Phone.

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The Tower of Faces
Dungeon Crawl Classics #96
By Goodman Games

The adventurers have been summoned to a mysterious black tower made of glass. They are given a simple mission: protect the mage’s estate while he is distracted weaving a mighty spell. Surviving the five days of his spellcasting requires quick wits and sharp blades, for the estate has mischievous guests and strange visitors. In the end, the mage demands one final task: stand by his side as he binds a great horror from beyond!

A Level 6 Adventure for DCC RPG.

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Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries
Tales From The Loop Supplement
By The Free League / Modiphius

The first campaign book for the award winning Tales from the Loop RPG, which scooped no less than five ENnies including Best Game, Best Setting, Best Writing, Best Internal Art and Product of the Year in 2017!

Toys suddenly developing intelligence. A mystical mummy roaming the beaches. Weird events in the local video store. A mixtape full of mysteries. Four wondrous machines. A guide to creating your own setting for the game. All of this and more is included in this volume, the first official module for the multiple award-winning Tales from the Loop RPG.

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Infinity RPG
Core Rulebook
By Modiphius

In the twisted jungles of Paradiso, humanity fights for its survival. The fierce, alien warriors of the Combined Army have poured through the Acheron Gate, descending upon the emerald jungles of the newest colonial world in a seemingly unstoppable torrent. The bestial Morat pound the Paradiso front, where brave men and women fight ceaselessly to maintain a defensive line which the sly Shasvastii penetrate with devastating ease. In the star-swept skies above, the collected might of humanity's armadas maintain a life-or-death blockade to cut off an endless horde of alien reinforcements. And if any of humanity's fractious forces falter, then all may be lost...

But beyond the terrifying holding action, the intrigues and adventures of the human sphere spin on. Space pirates cruise through the shattered planetoids of Human Edge. Scientists and adventurers delve the oceans of Varuna. Merchants guilds scheme amidst the scourging sands of Bourak. From Yutang, the Emperor gazes forth from an uneasy throne. Titanic war machines stride across the icy plains of Svalarheima. Byzantine hypercops struggle for dominance amidst the chrome towers of Neoterra.

For the last ten years, players have tested their mettle upon the battlefields of the Human Sphere in Corvus Belli's hugely-popular Infinity skirmish game. Now you can expand your adventures, diving deep into the amazing, never-before-seen depths of the Infinity universe with the ultimate science-fiction roleplaying game.

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Infinity Player’s Guide
Infinity PG Supplement
By Modiphius

  • [*=center]An immersive Lifepath character creation system, that allows you to choose from a wide range of backgrounds, from crazed Dog-Warrior, to empathic Tohaa.

  • [*=center]Choose or roll to create the character you want, defining options such as attributes, faction, heritage, homeworld, social status, education, and career.

  • [*=center]Select your starting gear from a wide range of equipment such as the hacking device and programs you'll utilise, or the type of weapon and ammo you prefer.

  • [*=center]All the 2D20 rules you'll need to play, including Heat, Momentum, task resolution, and the triple dynamics of Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar.

  • [*=center]A gazetteer of humanity's near future, covering the systems and factions of the Human Sphere and beyond.

  • [*=center]Bonus content exclusive to the Player's Guide including the Agent Handler guide, 2d20 to N3 conversion guide, and stats for the iconic miniatures produced for this very RPG.

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Quantronic Heat
Infinity RPG Campaign
By Modiphius

A cyber threat in the Human Sphere.

Amid the glittering, skyscraper-studded city block arcologies of Neoterra the backbiting industrial espionage of the hypercorps has finally boiled over into open violence and murder.

...or has it?

When Bureau Noir agents are called in to investigate the shocking corporate raid, they quickly discover there's a deeper conspiracy in play. A terrorist splinter group pursues a mysterious scheme of quantronic brinkmanship which threatens the entire Human Sphere.

Quantronic Heat is a min-campaign of three interlinked scenarios

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The Art of Symbaroum
Symbaroum RPG Art Book
By Jarnringen / Modiphius

Ever since the launch of the tabletop roleplaying game Symbaroum in Swedish (2014), players and fantasy art lovers have asked for a stand-alone art book; with the international translations into English, French, German and Italian (2015) the requests grew even more frequent. So here it is, The Art of Symbaroum.

The images showing the world and creatures of Symbaroum have been developed in chorus with the written descriptions – the images illustrate the texts as intimately as the texts support the art. This close relationship between art and text can probably be understood in light of the fact that we, the artist and the writers, have created and fantasized together for more than three decades. So, welcome to what is truly our vision; welcome to the world of Symbaroum.

The Art of Symbaroum is a cloth-dressed hardcover book printed on thick, premium quality paper to make the illustrations of Martin Grip justice. Aside from the artwork, the book includes short text excerpts meant to anchor the motifs and portraits in the world of Symbaroum.

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These are the Voyages Vol 1
Star Trek Adventures Missions Book
By Modiphius

These are the Voyages: Volume 1 presents eight ready-to-play missions for Star Trek Adventures. Within this book Gamemasters will find the means to test their Starfleet officers at the front line of Starfleet operations. Create your own Star Trek stories of discovery and adventure on the Final Frontier.

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Gamemaster Screen
Star Trek Adventures Accessory
By Modiphius

The official Star Trek Adventures Gamemaster Screen is a high quality three panel screen to help power your Star Trek missions. The exterior features beautiful rendered artwork of Starfleet vessels and Romulan cruisers, while the inside cover contains useful rules references, tables, charts and random generators for Gamemasters so the 2d20 system is at your fingertips!

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Fire & Faith
13th Age Supplement
By Pelgrane

Chase the Diabolist’s Circus of Hell cross the Dragon Empire! Fight your way through the nightmare dreamscape of a sleeping gold dragon! Ride with the Crusader to assault a hellhole! Ascend the Cathedral to battle cosmic foes amidst its mind-bending geometry!

Fire & Faith: Battle Scenes for Four Icons has 36 challenging and memorable icon-themed battles against enemies connected to the Crusader, Priestess, Great Gold Wyrm, and Diabolist. Drop these fights into your game at every tier of play, from adventurer to epic, and bring them to life with gorgeous maps by our expert cartographers.

Fire & Faith gives you:​

  • [*=center]New NPCs and monsters whose icon connections make them meaningful opponents for your PCs
    [*=center]Traps and terrain to provide deadly hazards and opportunities for clever tactics
    [*=center]Adventure hooks that offer a variety of entry points for each set of battles
    [*=center]Storylines that link each battle to the ones that come after, taking the PCs from one full heal-up to the next – with room to expand on these stories to fill multiple sessions of gameplay.

With Fire & Faith, your players will find themselves on an unforgettable journey to adventure.

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Fire & Faith Map Folio
13th Age Accessory
By Pelgrane

The Fire and Faith Map Folio brings you 36 maps from Fire and Faith - Battle Scenes for Four Icons, in glorious full color by expert cartographers! This folio includes:

The Map Folio includes:​

  • [*=center]Player-facing maps for exciting battles in a hellhole, a diabolic circus, a dragon’s dreamscape, and more
    [*=center]GM-only versions of each map with the encounter title, Fire and Faith page references, monster positions, and hidden terrain features
    [*=center]A full index so you can easily cross-reference the maps with scenes in Fire and Faith

Why run a toe-to-toe when you can make the PCs avoid swinging acrobatic assassins, face ogre monks in a dojo, or jump from boulder to boulder on a cloud island? Get the Fire and Faith Map Folio—and make your players, sadder, wiser, but way more awesome.

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Knights of the Dinner Table #253
Magazine & Comic
By Kenzer & Co



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Core Rulebook
By Le 7eme Cercle

The year is 2046, and something dark has returned to Japan. With an international blockade set up around the beleaguered country following the Kuro Incident, there is no escape. In addition to the meteorological side-effects of the Incident, some people have noticed a sharp rise in disturbing, mysterious and supernatural occurrences. The authorities refuse to acknowledge such obvious sensationalist delusions. Do you have the strength to face the nightmares?

Kuro is the core rulebook of a new near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror. Dare you stare into the darkness?

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Core Rulebook
By Le 7eme Cercle

In Keltia, you are one of the heroes of the Dark Ages in the time of Arthur, when Britain was still a land of legends. Take part in the great battles sung of by the bards. Travel from the court of kings to the boundaries of the Island of Beli the Great, perhaps even enter the mists of the Otherworld. Maybe you will witness the end of the time of legends and the arrival in history of the greatest hero of Britain that will ever be: Arthur Pendraeg.

You might be a clan warrior, a druid, a bard or a mage. Myrddin the Elder may guide you to search for the forgotten gods, hidden treasures and conspiracies to foil, taking you to the darkest forests, the mists of enchanted isles and haunted cairns. The bards will sing of your feats for centuries to come.

Companions of the Dragon King, children of Ynys Prydein, prepare to become legends!

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Pathfinder Setting / Adventure
By Christina Stiles Presents

Ravensberg is a horror-themed town setting suitable for 5th-level Pathfinder characters and above. It is generic enough to be placed in any ongoing campaign. The small town lies nestled near a forest of unmistakable evil, wherein lies an ancient structure known as the Black Keep. The fortress is now filled with necromancers and undead, and its darkness taints the surrounding area. Other horrors plague the townsfolk, as well: lycanthropes, a dullahan, a vampire, and a coven of witches.

The villains abound.

But where are the heroes? That’s where your players come in.

Explore this horrific town created by students in a Winthrop University writing class taught by Christina Stiles. By supporting this product, you are aiding the students and faculty of the English Department of Winthrop University, as all collected monies from this Pathfinder version will be donated to the department funds for scholarships and academic travel. The fund's name is the J. Spratt and Sandra Hagler White Endowment of Winthrop University's English Department.

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On The Air
Core Rulebook
By Spectrum Games

The spirit of Old Time Radio lives again with On the Air, the storytelling RPG that faithfully emulates the action, excitement and mystery found in the radio programs of the 1930s and '40s. Construct a series, create a sponsor, whip up characters and you're ready to play. Once the series is created, very little prep time is required to play the game, thanks to the narrative structure of the Intention System.

Get ready to engage in an all-new way of narrating your character's actions... and don't forget to promote your sponsor's products to earn the potent Sponsorship Token! Each episode is allowed only a certain number of die rolls in order to depict the tight time restraints of those old programs, so you'd better make every action count!

On the Air is best enjoyed by one Director and between one and three players. You'll need d4s, d6s and d8s.

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Fearless and Freebooting
Torchbearer Supplement
By Mordite Press

Nordic-themed Expert-Level Torchbearer Classes

Nine indispensable character classes for bravely plundering, raiding, and looting.

Inspired by traditional Norse mythology. Suitable for any campaign, but designed especially for the Torchbearer Middarmark setting.

Nine New Classes​

  1. [*=center]Berserker Outlaw: a warrior that gains abilities from libations
    [*=center]Halfling Journeyman Cook: a sailor/cook raider that can craft mead
    [*=center]Skyrnir Spiritsmith: a hero-forming cleric/blacksmith
    [*=center]Forsaken Ridder: a landless Gott son or daughter with a lance and war horse
    [*=center]Dwarven Artificer: an ingenious artifact creator
    [*=center]Wolfskin Shapeshifter: a cursed map-maker that gains power from a magical wolf pelt
    [*=center]Völva: a wise prophet and seer with a magical distaff
    [*=center]Troll-born Enchanter: a mage/thief of extreme beauty or of grotesque hideousness
    [*=center]Elven Herald: an elvish harbinger that wanders the Middarmark to chronicle the tribes

New items, settlements, and more!

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Psionics Augmented: Voyager
Pathfinder Supplement
By Dreamscarred Press

Expand your psionic horizons! With the new movement-focused voyager class, Psionics Augmented: Voyager provides new character options for your Pathfinder RPG campaign.
This release of Psionics Augmented includes the following brand-new options:

  • [*=center]The new voyager base class, a psionic manifester with 6th level powers focused on movement
    [*=center]Two new voyager archetypes - the crossfire and metronome.
    [*=center]New favored class options and feats for the voyager

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Reach Adventure 5: The Borderland Run
Traveller Scenario
By Mongoose Publishing

In The Borderland Run the Travellers are engaged to pick up a cargo from a remote outsystem world and convey it to the starport at the Aslan world of Tyokh; a simple enough delivery job, with the chance to engage in a little speculative trading along the way. However, there are those who do not want the cargo to be delivered… and the cargo agrees with them.

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Hearts in Glorantha 6
RuneQuest/HeroQuest Fanzine
By D101 Games

The long-awaited return of this Glorathan Fanzine, featuring 48 pages of Myths, Interviews, Articles, and Scenarios (systemless, HeroQuest and for RuneQuest 2) in softcover A4 format.

This issue:

The Awakening is a system-less adventure by Scott Crowder, in which the adventurers find themselves in a dream of the Brown Dragon of Dragon Pass. They get to experience first hand some of the dramatic events of the Dragonkill War and work towards the reconciliation of Dragons with the Orlanthi.

God Forgot, by Barry Blatt, gives setting information about these islands in Holy Country. It’s weird and odd, and none too comfortable. Go on, read the bit about the rather unsettling way the islanders use their ruler’s slightest movement as indications of his wishes. This piece reminds me how Glorantha gets wonderfully weird, yet has its own logic based on mythology and magic.

Light and Death. In this HeroQuest adventure, Neil Smith takes us into the murky world of mystic illumination and bridge building in the Lunar Empire.

Memories of RuneQuest 2. I never thought I’d see the day that RQ2 was re-published by Chaosium, but it’s here. In this article old hands shamelessly reminisce about the first Gloranthan RPG.

Ian Cooper Interview. A Q&A with HeroQuest’s Line Editor which goes into his early work with Issaries and The Unspoken Word, as well as his current role and the recently released Red Cow books: The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights.

Why the Story is the Best is a whimsical yet poignant telling of an Orlanthi Myth by long time HiG contributor Stuart Mousir-Harrison.

The Lightbringers’ Quest is an introductory HeroQuest adventure by Matt Ryan designed to be run in one session with players unfamiliar with Glorantha and/or HeroQuest. And what a scenario it is, putting the players right in the centre of one of the major myths of Glorantha.

Duck Hill is my short old-school adventure for RuneQuest Classic. Don’t be put off by the fact it’s got ducks in it.

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Grand Safari
Traveller / Cepheus Engine Sourcebook
By Gypsy Knights Games

Restless? Bored? In need of adventure?

Fret no more! Join the Grand Safari!

Grand Safari is a campaign for Clement Sector, Cepheus Engine or any other 2d6 based science fiction RPG. Grand Safari features six linked adventure scenarios designed to challenge any character. The Safari, sponsored by the Gentlemen's Club of Dashwood, sends the characters into the wilds of the untamed Hannibal Subsector. There the characters will both work together to face challenges and compete against one another to win the Grand Safari Prize!

Grand Safari also acts as a sourcebook for Hannibal Subsector. The sector is located to spinward of Clement Sector, the subsector has only been surveyed once, visited rarely, and remains untamed. It is an excellent backdrop for the Grand Safari as well as future adventures for your characters.

And what would a safari be without the animals? Grand Safari has a host of animals for your characters to encounter along with a full set of random encounter charts to aid the Referee in keeping the characters on their toes.

Come along for the adventure! Go on safari!

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Children of the Apocalypse
Savage Worlds Setting
By Happy Monster Press

In the ruins of an ancient city, a band of treasure hunters seeks ancient artifacts to fuel the creations of a powerful Tinker Mage. Armies trade musket fire across rolling hills as pikemen brace to receive a charge of monstrous shock troops. An assassin in the service of the Goddess of Death and Disease sets a gunpowder charge beneath the foundations of a rival church. A wizard faces down a psion in an arcane duel for possession of a trove of ancient texts. All these adventures and more are daily occurrences in the world of Children of the Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting for Savage Worlds.

Children of the Apocalypse is a high-fantasy, high-theology, early black-powder-era setting taking place five centuries after a modern technological civilization collapsed in a great plague. The plague itself was actually intended as a genetic enhancement to psychic ability, and a few children born in the years following the plague had near-godlike abilities as a result – these children eventually went to war and the nine survivors, now known as the Nine Gods, maintain an uneasy détente.

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Lovecraft’s Revenge
Core Rulebook
By Rebel Minis

Are You Ready To Play A Game?

How about a game that'll scare you right out of your skin, a game right from the grave? How about a game that pits you against powers not of this world? Powers that watch from the shadows then slither towards you, from the darkest corners of your perception?

That's Not Fair!

You're right. Lovecraft's Revenge isn't fair. It puts you right into your own Story by horror writer HP Lovecraft. You could explore a deserted town where the doors and windows seem to open themselves. You could scour the university library for clues of a lost tome of Eldritch lore. You could find yourself in some wasteland, miles from home, and face-to-face with monsters that will rip your mind apart just by looking at you. So yes, it's not fair.

Inside Lovecraft's Revenge, you'll find:
* Over a dozen Professions and Attributes making your terror-seeker truly unique.
* A system that rewards or penalizes your characters for their performance.
* Easy to learn game mechanics that compliments the Story, not distract from it.
* Light bookkeeping Campaign system that lets you tie your adventures together.
* Insanity rules that are quick and easy to use, but that will mess with your character's head, and maybe your own!
* Multiple locations that step right out of Lovecraft's stories; cities, haunted towns, colleges, waterfronts, and even graveyeards.
* Face over 30 different Creatures and Deities, from Deep Ones to Ghouls to Shoggoths, and of course, Cthulhu in all his tentacled greatness!
* The Book, a sample adventure to through right into the game.
* All this and much more!

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Deadly Dreams
Lovecraft’s Revenge Supplement
By Rebel Minis

Dare To Dream
It takes on a whole new meaning!

Welcome to Deadly Dreams, the first supplement to Lovecraft's Revenge, and gateway to the Dreamlands.

The Dreamlands is a world in of itself, created by countless dreamers over millennia. Within this realm, you'll find reality takes a back seat, offering new and unexpected possibilities.
Inside, you’ll find:​

  • [*=center]· New Attributes, including the ability to use Creature Attributes.
    [*=center]· New Locations, like Ulthar, The Underworld, and The Moon.
    [*=center]· New Creatures and Deities, such as Zoogs, Moon-Beasts, Nightguants, and a particular Deity that enjoys toying with puny humans!
    [*=center]· Three complete Scenarios to play through:

    Pickman's Masterpiece: The famous (or infamous, depending on whom you ask) artist Richard Upton Pickman asks you to track down a recently stolen piece of artwork, fearing any who gaze upon it in the waking world will go insane. Did we mention Pickman is not what he used to be?

    The Lost Cats of Ulthar: A search for a town's missing felines leads to a battle with an ancient enemy from the cosmos.

    Quest for Kadath: Relive Randolph Carter's epic search for the fabled city. Journey in his footsteps, and discover some new ones!

    In addition, you can use these rules to run games outside of the Scenarios, building your own, and allowing you to explore all over the Dreamland.

Welcome to the world of Deadly Dreams…




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Rise to Nobility
1-6 players, ages 13+, 50-100+ minutes
By Final Frontier Games

Five years after the events of Cavern Tavern, where a fragile peace was brokered between The Five Realms, the High Queen Tabita Orestes has ordered a new city to be built. The city of Caveborn will be the capital of the Five Realms, a place where all the races will learn to live together in harmony, with the main purpose being to bring them closer and prevent another war.

The Queen needs to keep the alliance between the races and ensure that Caveborn is peaceful and prosperous. To that end, a Settlers Council has been formed with Berk the Town Clerk as its chairman — but Berk is getting old and needs a successor. Are you that person?

Rise to Nobility is a worker (dice) placement game set in the same fantasy world as Cavern Tavern. You each own a small piece of land in the newly built city, and your job is to rise from anonymity, make your way to the title of lord, and take over the head seat at the Stone Council.

You can achieve this by upgrading your land and increasing its value, satisfying the demands of the settlers' council, attracting and housing as many settlers as you can, accommodating their needs, finding them jobs, and helping them develop from apprentices to guild masters, thus insuring you have people in high places all around the city of Caveborn.

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The Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight
2-5 players, ages 13+, 90+ minutes
By Minion Games

20 years after the end of The Manhattan Project, the superpowers of the world are embroiled in another vicious arms race. Manufacturing nukes is no longer an obstacle; all nations are now capable of churning them out at a rapid pace. The challenge of this era lies in the development of various delivery systems called the "Nuclear Triad:" strategic bombers, ballistic subs, and land-based ballistic missiles.

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The Mummy’s Curse
Clank! Expansion
By Renegade Game Studios

Untold riches await inside the pyramids of the Ancients — but they are well protected. An undying Mummy guardian spreads a vile curse to those who would rob its tomb. And, inevitably, the treasure has attracted a dragon. Can you escape the fearsome Croxobek?

Clank! The Mummy's Curse, an expansion for Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure, adds a wandering mummy to the pathways that players will explore as well as new artifacts to acquire in the depths of the pyramid!

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Exosuit Commander Pack Expansion
Anachrony Expansion
By Mindclash Games

The Exosuit Commander Pack adds 30 super-sized (55 mm tall) Exosuit miniatures to the Anachrony base box, plus the Pioneers of New Earth expansion, and the Guardians of the Council module.

Upgrade your Exosuit tokens to 24 detailed, super-sized miniatures, with a designated cockpit slit for your workers.

The Guardians of the Council adds 6 new Exosuit minis and a whole new module to Anachrony. You may also use the Guardians as the Chronobot's own Exosuit army - or an alternative to yours!

With the Pioneers of New Earth Module, you can upgrade your Exosuits to explore the vast and dangerous Outback. Enhance your Exosuit model with resources or even Breakthroughs, and use the new Adventure action space to uncover secrets of the past, confront hostile lifeforms, and more.

You'll even be able to use your Exosuit's power against your opponents in the race for the best Action spots.

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The Faith Militant Chapter Pack
A Game of Thrones Card Game 2nd Edition Expansion
By Fantasy Flight Games

The Faith Militant is the fifth Chapter Pack in the "Flight of Crows" cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and it introduces a special focus on the religions of Westeros, even when viewed alongside the other Chapter Packs of the cycle. Here, you'll find characters who've sworn fealty to The Seven, the Drowned God, and R'hllor, each serving their gods with the utmost fervor. With iconic characters like Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Coldhands appearing in this expansion alongside a new agenda focused on The Seven, it's plain to see that the Seven Kingdoms will never be the same again.

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That 70s Expansion
Smash Up Expansion
By Alderac Entertainment Group

Smash Up: That '70s Expansion is a standalone two-player-only game that can also be used as an expansion for other Smash Up titles. The four factions to be included in this set are truckers, vigilantes, disco dancers, and kung fu fighters.

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John Company
1-6 players, ages 14+, 90-180+ minutes
By Sierra Madre Games

Over its 250-year history, the British East India Company grew to become one of the most influential commercial and political organizations in the world. Its profits catapulted the British Empire to global dominance and shaped the fate of some of the world's great nations, but its ascent was anything but easy. The Company was filled with diverging interests and struggled constantly at home and abroad.

John Company attempts to tell the story of the British East India Company from the inside out. Players will steer their dynasties through the company's history, vying for position, power, and prestige. The goal of the game is simple: Use the Company and the Company's trade to secure your place in society back home. To this end, you guide your scions through their careers, exchanging favors for positions in London or plush colonial posts. Players collectively control the Company, facing tough budgetary decisions and conflicting interests. Should a Governor conduct a campaign to expand company holdings or invest in his region's infrastructure? Perhaps the honest tax revenues would be better diverted to expand his summer estate back home...

As the game continues, the Company may face open rebellion in India or outright failure as it grapples with increasingly bold attempts at regulation from the British government. It's even possible that the Company's trade monopoly will be revoked, leaving the players to form and operate their own trading firms. Each game offers a huge range of possibilities, informed chiefly by the decisions the players make. In addition, players can tailor their experience by using one of the three tournament scenarios that cover the Early, Mid, and Late Company that can be played in about 90 minutes. The game also offers a full campaign game that will take players from 1720 to 1857 in an evening.

Taking its inspiration from Phil Eklund's seminal Lords games, John Company offers Greed Incorporated by way of Republic of Rome — and with only sixty cards and multiple scenarios, John Company is one of the most accessible SMG offerings to date.

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Bios Megafauna (Second Edition)
1-4 players, ages 12+, 90-180+ minutes
By Sierra Madre Games

Bios: Megafauna starts where the predecessor game Bios: Genesis left off, with the invasion of the land on the daybreak of the Phanerozoic eon. Starting as either a plant, mollusk, insect, or vertebral skeletal type, your flapping, paddling, and squawking carnivores and herbivores make a beachhead on one of the drifting continental plates in the Cambrian, Their struggle for terrestrial dominance may eventually include language-based consciousness. Although this achievement elevated a certain mammal species to notoriety, in your game things may occur differently.

This second edition of Bios: Megafauna is an evolutionary descendant of American Megafauna but as a part of the Bios series of games it is linked to the game Bios: Genesis. It plays well independently but if you have both games you can let the end state of a game of Bios: Genesis affect the starting state of a game of Bios: Megafauna. A successor game, called Bios: Origins (which would be a descendant of Origin), is planned to cover the events of the Quaternary period including the rise of ideas and technology.

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VS System 2PCG: Deadpool and Friends
2-4 players, ages 14+, 30-60+ minutes
By Upper Deck Entertainment

In Vs System 2PCG, players choose a main character, build a deck with exactly sixty cards, and attempt to KO the other player's main character in a game of superhero battles.

Vs System 2PCG: Deadpool & Friends showcases 55 new cards that are Deadpool and Deadpool-related. Like his friends. Including Main Characters, Supporting Characters, Plot Twists, and Locations. Vs System 2PCG: Deadpool & Friends can be combined with any other Vs System 2PCG sets.

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Pantheon - Furios vs Maligus
EPIC: The Card Game Expansion
By White Wizard Games

Contains twelve new game cards, 2 deity/token cards, and 1 double sided token card.

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Pantheon - Helena vs Zaltessa
EPIC: The Card Game Expansion
By White Wizard Games

Contains twelve new game cards, 2 deity/token cards, and 1 double sided token card.

View attachment 96130
2-4 players, ages 14+, 45-60+ minutes
By Wizkids

The tech-future which mankind has been working towards is finally upon us! Sadly, the tech-future is not all we thought it was cracked up to be; technology couldn't save us from ourselves, and there are no hoverboards or floating cars in sight. Contrary to our hopes and dreams, four mega-corporations dominate and dictate every aspect of our lives.

In, players intercept transmissions to gain valuable information via their data network. Players use fences to buy and sell information so they can boost their ability to gather even more information, all in the service of acquiring reputation. To boost their reputation, players will accrue credits, extend their network, hire informants, install network boosters, and make contacts. Have more reputation than anyone else at game's end, and you win.

View attachment 96131

Kung Fu Zoo
2-4 players, ages 10+, 10+ minutes
By Wizkids

Kung Fu Zoo is a dice-flicking dexterity game for 2-4 players. You control a team of highly-trained animals, from crocodiles to zebras, in a Kung Fu battle against your rivals. Who will be tonight’s champions of the zoo? Grab some dice and find out!

View attachment 96132

King’s Champion
2 players, ages 14+, 60-90+ minutes
By Talon Strikes Studios

You are in charge of a stable of Knights that each have their own Knightly ability. Your Knights are going to the King's Jousting Tournament in order to joust against Knights from another House. You will roll dice to show your prowess and might. Use your influence gained during jousting to gain workers. You can increase the ability of your Knights with dice, cards, and powers!

View attachment 96133

Stay Out of My Dungeon!
4-6 players, ages 13+, 60-120+ minutes
By 2 Handsome Games

Stay Out of My Dungeon! is a semi-cooperative 4-6 player worker placement, hidden identity, building game.

In Stay Out of My Dungeon! players take on the role of goblins trying to defend their dungeon from the greedy king Flumperdump. Each player, playing as 1 of 7 unique goblins, takes turns visiting and building various locations in and around their dungeon. From flame throwing turrets, to sharkodile moats, to poison traps, players must work semi-cooperatively to build each location to perfection before the King's royal guard shows up.

If all three primary defenses are constructed before the King's Royal Guard arrives, the Loyal goblin players win the game. If the Royal Guard reaches the dungeon before that happens, the hidden Spy will win.

View attachment 96134

Darkest Night 2nd Edition
1-4 players, ages 13+, 150+ minutes
By Victory Point Games

Darkest Night, by designer Jeremy Lennert, is a fully-cooperative board game set in a kingdom broken under a Necromancer’s shadow. Each player takes on the role of one of the kingdom’s last heroes, each with a unique set of special abilities, just as they hatch a plan to save the realm.

Can you save the kingdom from darkness? Do you have the courage, the cunning and the will to withstand the necromancer and his forces? Strategize, plan and bring out the best of your abilities to end our Darkest Night!

View attachment 96135

Darkest Night Miniatures Set
Darkest Night Expansion
By Victory Point Games

With the miniatures set, you can add some extra flair to your Darkest Night board game or use the Darkest Night characters with any of your other games. 30 unique miniatures – one for each hero and one for the Necromancer,

View attachment 96136

Crystal Clans
2 players, ages 14+, 30-60+ minutes
By Plaid Hat Games

Choose your clan, prepare for battle, and fight for control of powerful crystals in Crystal Clans, a battle card game for two players.

In every game of Crystal Clans, you go to battle with unique armies, seeking to outmaneuver your opponent and lead your squad to victory. Six clans stand ready to battle for dominance, including the adaptable Water Clan, the peaceful Flower Clan, the relentless Skull Clan, the innumerable Blood Clan, the wise Meteor Clan, and the unyielding Stone Clan. Each clan's cards can be used in multiple ways, giving you more options and adding surprise to each battle. The first clan to claim four crystals wins the game and fulfills their destiny to dominate the world.

View attachment 96137

The Terrifying Girl Disorder
3-4 players, ages 12+, 30+ minutes
By Japanime Games

The Terrifying Girl Disorder is a quirky and brain-burning set-collecting card game. The deck consists of seven different types of cards, with each type represented by a girl with numbers 1–7 and a special power. Players start with a hand of cards, and each round play any number of identical cards from hand, activate that girl's special power, then collect new cards, using a weird drafting mechanism.

View attachment 96138

4-6 players, ages 10+, 15+ minutes
By Japanime Games

The Great Daimyo of the Ninja Clans has died in mysterious circumstances, just as it happened with his predecessor, and his predecessor’s predecessor, and so on so forth back to immemorial times. In order to take his place and serve the Shogun, the Daimyos of each clan have started the choosing process, and yes, you are said Daimyos. If you want to become the next Great Daimyo, you only need to manage one thing: Be the last survivor.

View attachment 96139

Demon Worker
3-4 players, ages 8+, 45+ minutes
By Japanime Games

Who will become the next demon king? In Demon Worker, you send demons with special abilities to the human world, weapons factory, and other locations to collect resources efficiently, with both humans and weapons being examples of those resources.

With these resources, you can summon new demons and create impulse points — and whoever ends up with the most impulse points will claim the demon throne.

View attachment 96140

Get The MacGuffin
2-11 players, ages 8+, 5-10 minutes
By Looney Labs

As popularized by Alfred Hitchcock, the "MacGuffin" is the thing that everyone wants and is trying to get. Examples include the Holy Grail, the Maltese Falcon, and the briefcase in the movie Pulp Fiction.

The game Get the MacGuffin is a quick and humorous deduction game involving hand management and player elimination. The goal is to be the last player with cards. The player with the MacGuffin card will frequently win the game, but holding onto that card can prove quite difficult! Also, because there are 23 cards in the deck and players are always dealt an equal number of cards, there will always be some cards that are not in play. Figuring out which cards are missing is part of the strategy!

Who has the MacGuffin? Will the Assassin take out The Crown? What did the Garbage Collector find in the trash? What will The Thief steal, and from whom? To the shrewd, all may become known, but sometimes all you can do is Shrug.

View attachment 96141

Anatomy Fluxx
2-6 players, ages 12+, 5-30+ minutes
By Looney Labs

Fluxx is a card game in which the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. By playing cards, you change numerous aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win.

At the start of the game, each player holds three cards and on a turn a player draws one card, then plays one card. By playing cards, you can put new rules into play that change numerous aspects of the game: how many cards to draw or play, how many cards you can hold in hand or keep on the table in front of you, and (most importantly) how to win the game.

Anatomy Fluxx takes players deep into the human body, and from "Bones" to "Blood Vessels", the game is packed with all the body bits that keep you ticking. Be on the lookout for Virus, Mutation, and Bacteria Creepers that can send you to your knees! The game also includes two learning rules to get your brain in gear with anatomical trivia. Anatomy Fluxx is for external use only!

View attachment 96142

Penny Papers Adventures: The Temple of Apikhabou
1-99 players, ages 8+, 20 minutes
By 2Tomatoes / Sit Down!

Penny Papers Adventures is a series of small strategy games in which all of the players use the same result of three dice to explore a location more thoroughly than their opponents by writing numbers in their grid in an optimal way to make the most victory points out of it. Challenge your ability to manage space, and wisely use the special effects of the dice. Oh, and don't miss an opportunity to mess up your opponents' grids when dangers appear! The number of players is unlimited as everyone plays at the same time!

In The Temple of Apikhabou, you must make your way through the temple to discover its treasures and secret passages...while avoiding wandering mummies.

View attachment 96143

Penny Papers Adventures: The Skull Island
1-99 players, ages 8+,20 minutes
By 2Tomatoes / Sit Down!

In The Skull Island, you want to progress on the map and determine the coordinates that will allow you to discover the most valuable treasures of Skull Island...while simultaneously overcoming its dangers.

View attachment 96144

Penny Papers Adventures: The Valley of Wiraqocha
1-99 players, ages 9+, 20 minutes
By 2Tomatoes / Sit Down!

How well can you map your surroundings in The Valley of Wiraqocha? Between forests and mountains, discover the remains of ancient civilizations — cities, pyramids, buildings — while neutralizing lurking snakes.

View attachment 96145

Tabletop Gaming Magazine #17
Gaming Magazine
By Warners



View attachment 96146

Monster Menagerie 3 Booster
D&D Icons of the Realm Miniatures
By Wizkids

The menagerie of monsters also includes new heroes and player characters such as the Aasimar and the Tritons, villains and monsters that include the Neogi and Slaad as well as some powerful new giants like the Dreamwalker and the Dreadnought. Collect all 44 figures from Monster Menagerie III, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.

View attachment 96147

Jungle of Despair Booster
Pathfinder Battles Miniatures
By Wizkids

From playful Pixies, deadly Serpentfolk, and the King of the Jungle, himself, Pathfinder Battles: Jungle of Despair provides a legion of high-utility monsters and heroes suitable for any fantasy roleplaying campaign.

View attachment 96148

Lost Colossus
Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago Supplement
By Osprey

Long ago, the great Colossus of Argantheon stood upon one of the outer islands, its vast, outstretched arm pointing the way to the Crystal Pool, or so the ancient texts claim. Then, during some forgotten war, the Colossus was shattered, and its parts flung across the Archipelago, to lie in forgotten ruin.

In this expansion for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, players lead their warbands through a series of interlinked scenarios in a race to discover the secrets of the Colossus. Along the way, they will encounter new monsters, discover new treasures, and even recruit a few new specialist warriors to their cause. Perhaps, if they are successful, the knowledge they obtain will help point them towards the ultimate treasure!

View attachment 96149

Campaign Market Garden
Bolt Action Campaign Guide
By Osprey

Market Garden was a bold plan, designed to capture the Rhine crossings along the Dutch-German border and establish a foothold for an advance into Germany. A massive combined arms operation involving airborne landings and an armoured thrust, it was one of the most dramatic and controversial operations of the war. This new Campaign Book for Bolt Actionallows players to command the forces facing each other across the Rhine, fighting key battles and attempting to change the course of history. New, linked scenarios, rules, troop types and Theatre Selectors provide plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.

View attachment 96150

Dreadball 2nd Edition
2 players, ages 14+, 30-90+ minutes
By Mantic

DreadBall is the fast-paced futuristic sports board game set in the galaxy’s most hi-tech arenas. Choose from the agile Ninth Moon Tree Sharks or the unstoppable Draconis All-Stars before taking to the pitch and going for glory. Outwit your rival coach with tactical set pieces, push your luck with daring plays, or just smash your opponent to the ground with brutal tackles. When the game begins, anything goes…

This box has everything you need to start playing the galaxy's greatest sports game! You'll get two fully assembled teams, with their respective captains, plus all of the dice, cards, rules and counters needed for play.

View attachment 96151

Dreadball 2nd Edition Collector’s Edition Rulebook
Core Rulebook
By Mantic

View attachment 96152

Event Deck
Dreadball 2nd Edition Expansion
By Mantic

View attachment 96153

Galactic Tour
Dreadball 2nd Edition Expansion
By Mantic

View attachment 96154

Matsudo Tectonics – Matsudan Team
Dreadball 2nd Edition Expansion
By Mantic

View attachment 96155

New Eden Revenants – Cyborg Team
Dreadball 2nd Edition Expansion
By Mantic

View attachment 96156

07002 Baran Blacktree
Dungeon Dwellers Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96157

07003 Bloodbite Goblins (2)
Dungeon Dwellers Miniatures
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96158

07004 Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief
Dungeon Dwellers Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96159

03855 Tombstone Finial – Skulls (3)
Dark Heaven Legends Miniatures
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96160

03856 Townsfolk – Courtesan
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96161

03857 Townsfolk – Milk Maid
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96162

03858 Townsfolk – Sage
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96163

03859 Townsfolk – Cooper
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96164

03860 Nimbar, Elf Necromancer
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96165

03861 Talnyth, Elf Barbarian
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96166

03862 Shardis, Elf Rogue
Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
By Reaper Miniatures

View attachment 96167

280018-0709 Dire Foes Mission Pack 7: Candy Cloud
Infinity Miniatures
By Corvus Belli

View attachment 96168

280195-0706 Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger Bat (AP HMG)
Infinity Miniatures
By Corvus Belli

View attachment 96169

280299-0704 Svalarheima Nisses (Hacker and HMG)
Infinity Miniatures
By Corvus Belli

View attachment 96171

280493-0699 Asawira Regiment (Spitfire)
Infinity Miniatures
By Corvus Belli

View attachment 96172

280690-0705 Kurgats, Reg of Assault Engineers (Boarding Shotgun)
Infinity Miniatures
By Corvus Belli

View attachment 96170

281301-0703 Shikami (Contender)
Infinity Miniatures
By Corvus Belli



View attachment 96173

Battle Hymn Vol 1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge
1-2 players, 45-480+ minutes
By Compass Games

Battle Hymn Vol. One includes two games: Gettysburg: The Tide Turns and Pea Ridge: The Struggle for Missouri.

Battle Hymn is a new brigade-level game system that simulates the chaos of the America Civil War using a simple activation system combined with a detailed combat system. The system’s designer, Eric Lee Smith, originated the “chit-pull” activation system in his game “Panzer Command” and later used it in “Across Five Aprils,” Battle Hymn’s forerunner, both published by Victory Games. Units are organized by command, usually divisions, and activate for movement when the command’s activation marker is picked from the cup. The system uses traditional mechanics for movement, with units differentiated by type, but adds a level of detail to combat that feels almost miniatures like. In fact, the system is designed for easy conversion to miniatures. When one side has the initiative they decide when their combat phase occurs, without it, you don’t know when it will happen.

View attachment 96174

Patton’s Vanguard: The Battle of Arracourt, 1944
1-2 players, 120-240+ minutes
By Revolution Games

As the summer of 1944 drew to a close and Combat Command A of the American 4th Armored Division passed through the French town of Arracourt the war seemed all but over. It seemed as if nothing could stop the Americans from forcing their way across the German border and reaching the Rhine River. The weather, however, was rapidly deteriorating and Allied air reconnaissance failed to detect a counteroffensive by the German 5th Panzer Army. The stage was set for the largest clash of armor on the western front until the Battle of the Bulge.

Patton’s Vanguard consists of two quick-playing four turn scenarios depicting the German attempt to drive the Americans from the German border. The first scenario pits two inexperienced German panzer brigades against a confident and veteran Combat Command A. The German side has more armor, including the superior Panther tank, and the poor weather generally favors them, but the American side has more artillery as well as better tactics and leadership. The second scenario pits the experienced German 11th Panzer Division against Combat Command A and the newly arrived Combat Command B, now hampered by restricted fuel supplies. In each scenario both players will be challenged to determine whether it is better to simply attack, or spend valuable time attempting to maneuver in continually changing weather conditions before attacking. Fast, furious, and chess-like, this is a game for players who love concentrated action!

View attachment 96175

Strategy & Tactics #310 – American Civil War
Wargame & Magazine
By Decision Games

View attachment 96176

World at War #59- The Luzon Campaign
Wargame & Magazine
By Decision Games

View attachment 96177

War Diary Volume 3 #2
Wargames and Military History Magazine
By War Diary



View attachment 96178

Legends of Johto GX Collection
Pokemon TCG Expansion
By Pokemon

The above list has been compiled based upon distributor and retail new releases mailouts I receive. Please note that there may be some geographic differences in release dates and/or availability of items. Please contact your local store for more information.

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Into the Borderlands is a solid book, I'm glad I bought it and plan to run the 5E versions included in it very soon. Art was on point, but Goodman Games is pretty good about that so it was expected.


Into the Borderlands is a solid book, I'm glad I bought it and plan to run the 5E versions included in it very soon. Art was on point, but Goodman Games is pretty good about that so it was expected.

What are the maps like? Are they just reprints of the originals?


What are the maps like? Are they just reprints of the originals?

Pretty much, they are 'newer' but don't do anything different than the originals do. They did add some things that were not in the original adventures, but those are more 'side areas' that were never covered and don't affect it if you want to use the originals as they were back then. The side areas are extra maps, not really additions onto the originals.

The layout is nice, though it will be nice if they put out just the redone 5E versions in pdf, but not sure if/when that will happen. The interviews at the front are interesting and informative.

My hope is they do the palace of the silver princess eventually, could be a great addition like these are.


I crit!
The palace would be awesom! Especially if they include the redacted version and or the orinmgjnal authors version.


I pre-ordered Borderlands and don't have my copy yet... is this really out on store shelves already? I'll be a little disappointed if that is the case.


First Post
I pre-ordered Borderlands and don't have my copy yet... is this really out on store shelves already? I'll be a little disappointed if that is the case.

Certainly hitting stores in the UK this week and I saw a couple of friends talking about getting a copy in a US store over the weekend, so yes. Drop the place you pre-ordered from a line and chase it up!


Certainly hitting stores in the UK this week and I saw a couple of friends talking about getting a copy in a US store over the weekend, so yes. Drop the place you pre-ordered from a line and chase it up!

Ack... I ordered it directly from Goodman. Oh well, guess I'll just wait. I think it's a little deceptive on their part though to call it a pre-order. It kind of comes with the expectation that it will be shipped out to me and others who pre-ordered at the same time, or even ahead of the ship to store date. Minor gripe I guess if it is worth waiting for.

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