New Horizon Development | Coming Q1 2020

Dear friends, here's a glimpse of what's coming in this 2020 DTRPG exclusive. Fans, will experience immediate nostalgia. Newcomers, are encouraged to catch up with the K&L collection before then. That's also the best way to support the development of NH, as it grants the creator better resources to work with, while avoiding delays. This thread will be updated periodically, for now, enjoy this brief video and I'll get back here tomorrow to start the new talking points.


Fellow members, I welcome and thank you for checking the New Horizon development thread.
Pardon the inconvenience of a couple of flies, as a startup, for the last year or so I got a real taste of the tabletop rpg industry.

The Goal

Providing you with an unique game system and vibrant world that constantly grows, keeping it affordable, self sustained by your purchase and support. Creating New Horizon's predecessor wasn't easy and the amount of time and dedication put into it where key factors in making my game different than your average tabletop rpg. With NH, development will move a bit quicker thanks to the, Ludens rule system, I've already put into place. The game will received a fair amount of additions to the rules, for complexity and more customizable actions. The system emphasizes the importance of your custom actor, everyone has a background, a story, a bloodline.

Both players and enemies will benefit from tighter selective targeting options. Instead of just aiming for major body locations such as, ribs, legs, and head. You'll now be able to sever limbs, ears and fingers which will have a noticeable impact on stats. Your battle-wounds could potentially become infected, if untreated, leading your character to further impairments or death.

That's when the new family tree system will kick into place, your character could retire, or even live on through his children. detailed information won't be placed here, that protects my core system mechanics from being stolen or adapted by someone else.

New Horizon will feature an unique storyline, a new arc. With the implementations done to the Ludens Game System (LGS2), you'll be able to join the realm of Knights & Legends easily without the need of knowing the previous arc. You'll encounter all past and new lore within NH, a brief recap in some of the past events, new races, enemies, a redesigned spell system, implemented combat, family tree, better armory, a new campaign, and more, all within the core book!

Your Feedback
Many of the new features were done thanks to valuable feedback from customers, If you're a returning customer, please know I appreciate your support.

The game will be available to you in both digital and print formats.
Pricing won't be discussed here until it's released.

Would you like to playtest NH?
Playtesting will begin in July and run through September.
Send a PM with info of other games you've playtested and why NH interests you. This period will be similar to a closed beta with a watermarked PDF. You'll only receive a portion of the book, with base mechanics and a brief story to tryout, must return your feedback no later than end of September.

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Cover Design Is In!

The commitment to quality has already started. Stay tuned for New Horizon! Q1 2020 | I'm striving to deliver the best tabletop RPG you've ever played. Thank you for your continuous support, this wouldn't have been possible without each one of you!


Breaking down the character sheet Part 1

This weekend I'll be going over the process of building a custom actor, the equivalent to a playable character, or PC. Basically, these are the first steps, to build each player's CA. Perhaps by then, I'll also get into how the family tree system will work.

In the book there's a comprehensive tutorial which will walk you through this process.


Following down the left column, past the self explanatory basic CA info, comes the class and occupation blanks.

Paladin, Warrior, Samurai, Shinobi, Mage, Templar, Shaman, Dark Knight, Warlock, Hunter, Ranger, Marksman.

Lv.1 classes: Warrior, Shaman, Hunter.
Lv.2 classes: Templar, Samurai, Mage, Ranger.
Lv.3 classes: Paladin, Warlock, Shinobi, Dark Knight, Marksman.

Players won't be forced to upgrade to any class, but by doing so, they won't be able to enjoy exclusive benefits the classes grant them.

The level system offers stat increases of its own. More about how the level system will work remains to be seen at this moment.

Occupation & w/ K$
Everyone needs a job, since the very beginning of our existence. W/ K$, stands for weekly Kescs, the game's currency.

Jobs: Wench, Bartender, Farmer, Blacksmith, Tailor, Carpenter, Mason, Watch, Tailor, Councilman.

Lv.1 jobs: Wench, Bartender, Farmer.
Lv.2 jobs: Carpenter, Mason, Watch.
Lv.3 jobs: Blacksmith, Tailor, Councilman.

Jobs are a important part of the LGS2 system, why? While you step away, your character will be performing their regular duties, which will grant you some $K when you come back to the table. But also giving your CA, particular benefits that can be exploited during certain scenarios. You can do whatever you want with the earning. finetuning and weekly rates, are currently being elaborated.

Players won't be forced to upgrade to any job, but by doing so, they won't be able to enjoy exclusive benefits the jobs grant them.

Weapons & Armor
There will be a variety of weapons and armor, each with its own stats.

  • The type of armor you wear, will influence your sneaking success rate.
  • A Custom Actor, with a sword and shield equipped, will be able to take advantage of the new parry & counter maneuver.

Buffs & Ailments
They are basic stat mods that can last for a short period of time, or long term. Could be triggered by a spell, wound, disease, etc...

The Base Stats
Every new character will start with their base stats locked at 5. Classes will provide attribute points that can then be allotted to the specific stat of your choice.

Levels will also provide general stats increase. Although I'm still debating if the HP should be influenced by levels or not.

Will continue sometime later this week, until then...
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Development update!

Here's the follow-up for this week of development,

I've done some edits to the occupations system, making it more unisex, new jobs were added while the wench, which was mainly a female job, was substituted by a better job title. That way there aren't limitations to what kind of profession a character, or CA, could have.

This week I took care of the Occupations, Classes, and Skills & Spells systems.


As you can see, the skills & spells will run mainly on a d20 system, while I plan to keep other dice for other exclusive actions.

Right now there's a concern that the game will be intimidating to newcomers, due to the various new rules that keep getting added daily.

Sense New Horizon will be an all-in-one core book, all the rules will be contained within, that includes the campaign setting, and things like, bestiary, how to craft your own adventures, task resolution, etc...

I'm taking the uncommon approach of using bigger fonts due to eye strain and constant zooming. The contrast also goes easy on the eyes, opposed to a black on white background. Bluelight exposure, was already confirmed to be a health hazard, and that choice was made to help you and me make the most out of our eyes. :)

Before I forget, these aren't the only actions players will have in combat. There will be other alternatives such as, parry & counter, evade, sneak attack, and others that were mentioned, and some that weren't.

Reminder: Playtesting starts soon!

I'll be making some significant progress with the New Horizon core book during the holiday weekend. All is on schedule for playtesting to start around mid-July. If you'd like to test the game, just send me a PM.

The game's index page is here. (content subject to change)

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I'm pretty much done with the rules portion of the book, and have a small list of playtesters willing to try the game out. Just like its predecessor, gathering the audience's feedback is a priority.


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And here comes one of my favorite parts of the book! Subscribe for publisher updates, at DTRPG, for an exclusive 10% off coupon when New Horizon is released.


Hello folks, back again with some new content to show you. To those who are just getting to learn about me, I'm a trpg game designer moving forward with my second game.

My projects were all self sustained by supporting members of the community, and the more they purchased my books, the more resources I acquired to keep on writing! And so, New Horizon came to be. :)

Today I'd like to show you a timeline of events from its predecessor. Events, players experienced through the original campaign trilogy, and Revelation V. You won't be required to play through classic K&L to understand and enjoy New Horizon, and spoilers were kept to a minimum just in case you decide to play from the very beginning. Check it out!



After reading through the prologue, watch the video for New Horizon again. Things will begin to clear up a bit. As a game designer, I like to advance parts of a story before you actually get to it, later hitting you with the element of surprise, and a grand finale. It's all part of me loving my work, and appreciating you as customer. :)


Important Announcement Regarding The Playtest Stage.

New Horizon's playtest sample was just sent out to a few completely unrelated individuals, ranging from fans, to K&L first timers. Their feedback is crucial to help with quality control. Thank you to those who opted-in to participate in the playtest stage!

Unlike it's predecessor, the campaign featured in the core book will have nothing that will hold you back from doing whatever you want to do.

  • [Spontaneous Events] mean you're free to do whatever.

Suggestions may be given by the GM or in this case, the adventure teller, giving you leads of what you could (not should) do next. However, there's no obligation of selecting such, as you're free to improvise other tactics at will. (Checks performed depending on the action)

The idea is to keep the seamless interaction between story and combat. As it was first introduced by classic K&L. Also, expect a lot of gore in this book, parents be advised.


Taking this opportunity to share some of the feedback received by platesters.

Playtesters, are already coming forward with their feedback and suggestions. Please note, all testers who left feedback so far, have opted-in to have their names listed in the game's credits. These are active members of many tabletop RPG communities across our social media.

"New Horizon is a large improvement over Knights and Legends. The author has put a lot of work into revising and modifying his system, and it shows. This has the potential to be a big hit."

"The design is a nice hybrid of old-school and modern."

"Lineage and professions added some extra flair to the characters."

"Adding a playable campaign to the core rules book is a very nice touch. "

These are unchanged quotations from the feedback survey associated with the game's test version.

Last night I started working in a scenario where travel by sea is needed. However, by the time you reach this point in the campaign there's a possibility you'll have already spent most of your money. GMs could use this point to create quests, or even have players use their brain to coordinate a way around it. Depending on the group this scenario could drastically vary from one to another. There's also real world physics coming into play during various settings. Below is a brief description of the world physics including, gravity, its moon, and other important facts. This will help calculate travel distances similar to real life.

Land area: 124.3 million km²
Distance from Sun: 155.2 million km
Moon: Xanadu, 1/4 size of Ezora
Mass: 5.497 × 10^22 kg
Radius: 5,868 km

If you compare it to Earth, there's a slight variation in mass. Its moon will also play a big role in the adventure.

The amount of thought being put into every single detail.

Below, is another glimpse of the many ways players will be able to directly confront, avoid, or even ambush a foe. Goblins smell humans within a 60ft radius, so any human in the party can either stay away, or risk having the party's ambush botched. The bestiary portion of the book, offers all the stats and relevant info about the enemies you'll encounter.

The book offers a half page and full page world map. But if you want, you can get a enlarged version of the world map here. Many new locations will be added to the world during the campaign, and you might want a print to write them down.


Inclusion, divercity, and wit. The world won't be so easy on you.

Below is another example of how the book still offers a solo friendly campaign, even though the ideal amount of players will range from 2 to 5, larger parties are discouraged but not impossible to work with. The perfect setting would include a GM, and a party of 4 to 5. Lone wolves discouraged, if you choose that path you're better off soloing.

The page below depicts how the party will run across many obstacles that will involve further thinking. There's no "right" way of doing things, outcomes will vary. The book will give you coordinates to follow, but players are always free to create havok in every page. With so many spontaneous event calls, it's unlikely anyone will feel railroaded.

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Introducing A New Way To Get Around!

Here's the latest in development. Now That I'm working on the campaign setting for the New Horizon core book, I had the idea of expanding the playable character's inventory without the need of having to go back to a city or place in order to withdraw stored items, etc... Originally, each playable character was able to store up to 3 different items, in stacks of 3. With the acquisition of a horse or mare, you'll be able to use it not only as means of transport, but also use its saddle as a form of mobile storage. Right now, I'm still debating whether or not to implement mounted combat for players. The horse's focus lies in transportation, and storage for the time being.


Let's Talk About The Development Process Behind New Horizon

Hello everyone, now that I have a better idea about the development time involved with this major Indie release, that is New Horizon. I'm ready to share a couple of things publicly. So I'll be clarifying some of the previously asked questions and so on.

Raw completion rate: 68% (before any edits)
Total artwork featured in the final product: 79~85
Artists Involved: 6
Playtesters: 7
Writer: Myself
Total amount of pages: 200~220
Work Pace: 10~15 pages weekly
Days of the week: Tues thru Sat
Hours Daily: 2~4

As you can see the game is being worked on, on a daily basis. I avoid spending too much time away from the project, to not fall off the mood and the setting. Interesting thing happening throughout the campaign writhing process is, the story is being continued daily without major future events being written down. Unlike it's predecessor that had a pre-planned path. New Horizon varies on a daily basis, and that is helping keep the story fresh and engaging. Although, I'll store ideas on the back of my mind, there's no guarantees that what I have planned will fit in with the current story. You'll experience many emotions while playing through the campaign. There's a whole lot of suspense going on, there's nasty, and there's gory. You won't be railroaded into a direct path, there's a lot of room for improvisation and customization. You can even take up random quests such as helping a husband find out if his wife is a harlot or not, which by the way, was a lot of fun writing, and I had a good laugh out of it. Not to mention, there's several outcomes to this one specific quest. And it may even generate some controversy when players actually get to play this particular quest.

What's next!?
After the raw version of the book is complete, comes my personal editing, which consists of at least 60+ edits. Ranging from typos, to punctuation, and another spell check, page by page. I know some may jump the trigger to point out "grammar" and punctuation issues during previews. The important thing is, I'm keeping track of everything and the final product will be edited by me, proofread by others, and immaculate to you.

Playtesters are being a huge help when it comes to pointing out certain concerns, that is only achieved when testing the game outside of my circle. The game is being put through a lot of different perspectives in order to become that perfect TRPG. And of course, there will be those who still won't be satisfied, but I guarantee that will be a tiny minority, and the bottom line is, you can't please everyone.

When can you expect New Horizon?
There's no official release date at this moment, the game will be a dtrpg exclusive, like my previous titles.
If production continues at a smooth rhythm, you could expect to own this book as early as November 2019.
What you shouldn't expect are sales. Unlike my previous books, New Horizon was a rather costly project, and there won't be any sales for it in the near future.

What's my pitch? Or why should you buy my book?
There will be an ample preview of the material, that will be provided in the sales page. (Mechanics won't be shown in the preview.)
If you like what you see, then buy it! If you don't like what you see, consider that perhaps it's not for you.
As previously shown in this thread, I'm all about honesty and transparency.

I thank all previous buyers for your support! This game was funded by you, and I strive to give you the best.

Sidney Harold Müller, one of the key NPCs you'll meet in New Horizon's Core Book.

I honestly never had so much fun making a game. New Horizon, surpasses anything I've made by tenfold. Expect a whole year of game sessions to go through the contents of this book! There's so much to learn, so many things to do. I'll be posting more later this week. Until then...


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