New Horizon Development | Coming Q1 2020

Now that I'm working on chapter 3 of the campaign featured in the core book, I figured I would make this chapter as versatile as I could. By the time you reach this point in the campaign, your hero will likely be almost maxed out and likely in the quest to obtain the top classes and abilities. Chapter 3 can be played in any order, this is where you really get to go and explore the world to its fullest. You aren't bound by one main event that keeps you within a certain continent. Even though the previous two chapters don't prohibit players from going exploring the world in its entirety, but the odds you'll get your character killed are about 150% higher. Chapter 3, will push players to the limit with random quests you may partake to fight the toughest foes in the world. All with its own rewards!

Here is an example of the first quest you'll find in chapter 3. This could be your 10th, or 30th if you wish so. Quest #001, is a follow up of a very special event you witness while sailing the Arcadian sea in chapter 1. Meet the Spitzfraun race. An outer worldly alien race inspired by the show Ancient Aliens. Laugh Now

The Spitzfraun name comes from the combination of the German words, Spitz and Frau. Or pointy, Mrs. the letter N, was then added so it would create a name you can't find anywhere else but in the world of Ezora. The Spitzfraun is an all female NPC race from the world's moon, Xanadu. Hence the name Xanadulian Spitzfraun. Laugh Harder

What they're doing in Ezora still a mystery!


Let's say one of these aliens KOs your hero. The three turn rule goes by, and your character is permanently dead. What now? All your hard work gone!? Yes, kind of. But before you rage quit, you should have known better to keep some restorative items or spells in stock. It's not the GMs fault your PC died. New Horizon is designed to give players the ultimate challenge. This isn't a walk in the park, enemies are unmerciful. Thanks to the family tree system, you'll get another chance to continue. Not as your character, but as his or hers offspring (aka child). The little bastard, will pass through a genome filtering process which will add and subtract some key stats from his mommy and daddy. You'll begin anew from level 1, but stronger. By the time the kid reaches top level, he or she will be stronger than their parents were! And so on, and on...

You can start your family tree as early as chapter 1, or as late as chapter 3. This will keep players from having an emotional breakdown when their heroes get crushed in the game. Remember to pick your foes wisely, the game is designed to be unforgiving...


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Due to the high amount of controversial content you may find in the NH core book, I've gone ahead and drafted a label to paste in the sales page in November.


During chapter 3, there's a secondary objective in a quest. These "objectives" are completely optional. I thought about building a small tournament system for 1-on-1 battles. It's a good way to earn rewards at any time, while practicing through all of the combat mechanics available in the game. Players could even face teammates in the last few rounds of the tournament, this should make things very interesting for some. Once more, most of the events featured in chapter three can be played parallel to the previous chapters in the book.


I've spent this week working on Quest #002 | Chapter 3, of the New Horizon: all-in-one core book.
By now you've already seen the game is mostly based around knights and mythological beasts. But that's not all the game has to offer, during the campaign you'll experience a lot more than just aimless combat. There's many things you can do, including NPC interactions with all sorts of outcome.

Today I bring you one page of Quest #002. If you got to this point in the quest, it was because you chose to keep going. There's no such thing as making you do it. The game gives you many liberties. Ludens 2.0, is a complete system overhaul from the original K&L, and to be honest it's hardly backwards compatible. Some may see NH as 3e, others could see it as a reboot. It won't be up to me to say what it is, you must experience it yourself.

The quest is set in Kenjiwah, a spinoff of Japan and China combined. (Mostly Japan)
You travel there on vacation, to enjoy the coast in this tropical paradise. Kenjiwah residents have a very strong code of honor, more than any other nation in Ezora. You're offered the option to participate in a tournament about to take place, you don't have to. You meet some flirtatious asian style girls there, they are happy to see so many foreigners in their country, you could also get massage therapy that will temporarily boost spirit. But there's some drama! A wealthy Kenji lord, Oroshi Nobunaga, is set to marry 4 virgins by the names of Fukimi, Saori, Naomi, and Fook-Yu.

Their families gifted them in exchange of status. The ladies aren't happy about it, and two consider committing harakiri. Whether you choose to help them out or not is entirely up to you. But if you choose such path, then you must crash the wedding ceremony and challenge Nobunaga for a duel. By defeating him, you get to keep his katana, a rarity forged by the renown blacksmith Krem O'hul. The quest doesn't end there, the ladies can't go back to their families! Will you help them escape the island? Could love blossom from this tragic oriental based parody drama? They feel like they owe you their lives, and are willing to cook and clean for the party. However, you know you can't bring them along with you in your dangerous journeys. If you tie the knot, you could buy a home and even bear children (your successor), although that will cost you up to 1/2 of your weekly earnings.

As you can see, the game will bring you a lot of suspense, drama, gore, and much more. There's more to New Horizon than just "Knights & Legends" and you'll enjoy it.

The page below still has to go through editing, and it's just a preview. :)


Edit: I've replaced the image with a newer version featuring a sharper edit to the katana artwork.
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Chapter 3 | Quest #003

The first part of the quest, sets focus in summoning players to Elmora. There, they'll unveil the secret behind the ancient obelisk. The abyssal world, will open up infinite possibilities to those who take advantage of the adventure building system featured in the book. You're no longer bound to just one world!


A plan for a free OGL-style license is being drafted. You could build and sell your own adventures if it becomes concrete.

However, "checks" will be put into place at the game's official website, once it's redesigned. This will help validate products done in good faith.
Protecting buyers from abuse, and avoiding past events, where few people tried to use my IP without permission.

Expect to hear more about the licensing process in the near future! The full steps will be included in the book. After all, you can't write an adventure without owning a legal copy of the core book. That would mean you'd have to enter your purchase receipt number along with your licensing inquiry. That doesn't apply for classic K&L! It has its own paid non-exclusive licensing in place, and it will remain that way.

New Horizon, brings the excitement back to the table with a newly formatted all-in-one, standalone, tabletop RPG. If you aren't familiar with the Knights & Legends universe, NH is the perfect starting point. You'll be introduced to a freshly redesigned core system, and experience a bloodbath in combat with severed limbs, impairing debilities and illnesses, along with the brand new, parry & counter combat maneuver, which will reduce your foes to cinders.

The new family tree system, like never seen before, takes your character to their roots. You control your destiny. If your character dies, or becomes too old to fight, their offspring could takeover their role. Now you can build an entire bloodline of your favorite characters, and ease the pain.



The game introduces a new level system, redesigned skills, spells, and armory. The new level system enables countless new character customizations to take place. No two heroes will ever look alike! All of this was made possible, thanks to the feedback and support of fans.

The campaign setting, guarantees to keep players hooked until the very end of their journey. Wait, is there an end? Craft your custom adventures anytime you'd like, and keep on going! Slay frightening beasts of dark mythology, including but not limited to, Ghouls, Goblins, Chimeras, Hydras, Griffins, Succubi, and even the almighty Archdragon itself. These are just some of the many exciting and unique new things awaiting in this original dark fantasy adventure.

For licensing inquiries, please visit the game's website.

As seen here: NH Early Release Details – NEW HORIZON BY FELIX, J.

Thank you for your interest in New Horizon! It came to my attention some people out there, were a bit puzzled to see the game release 3 and a 1/2 months early. I don't blame them, let's clarify things up!

Understanding sudden changes of plan in game development: Being an Indie developer has it's advantages, I wrote the 180 page game book all by myself, and all artwork was licensed from independent artists. The deadline was originally set to Q1 2020 which means the game was going to debut at some point in January 2020. However, some factors made me change my mind, and I decided to release the game early. By early, it doesn't mean rushed or unfinished. It means less content than planned.

Everything comes at a cost: In my case, as an Indie developer that's been in the tabletop industry for roughly a year and half. I realized something, it's not about how many pages a game book has, but its content. New Horizon, is a complete experience as it is. The game's current index page is displayed below. Originally the game was going to have 224 pages, with a retail price of $14.99. Keeping in mind those 44 pages would be entirely dedicated to the fourth chapter. But the game already felt very much complete, and the fourth chapter felt like a cheeseburger too many. It leaves you wanting more, but in the good sense of the word.


Supplements are planned to start kicking in around February 2020. Some will be free, and others will cost significantly low prices. New Horizon is a very unique experience, and I'll do my best to keep customers happy with their purchase. The game retails for $9.99, and can be found exclusively at DTRPG. In response to some concerns of not enough content being displayed, I went ahead and addressed the problem by releasing a whole lot of content out there. I can surely understand $10.00 could be a small fortune to some, specially when you have a family and a home to maintain. It was with that thought in mind, I made the decision to cut chapter 4 out and make the book available to the public for significantly less.

It's a win for everyone! As an independent game designer I benefit from certain freedoms other "Pros" don't, and I try to make the most out of it. I thank you for checking out New Horizon, and please keep an eye out for exciting new things in the near future.


Hello everyone, in case you've missed the latest about New Horizon. Check out the early release article that's out now. Also I can't emphasize enough, how important the cooperation of the community was during development of this new dark fantasy title. NH is proof your feedback was heard. Little by little it helped mold this 180 page all-in-core book. Because I believe that's what a serious and responsible developer should do.

It wasn't 48 hrs post launch, and NH was there <3


  • By now, you must be asking yourself, is NH the right game for you!?
  • What to expect?
  • How does the exclusive rule system work?

What influences did NH have? You'd be surprised, D&D comes to make very minimum influence when it comes to the game. Aside from the genre it spawned, there's little similarities to the behemoth. Checks are performed in a different way, and it really cuts through a lot of the nonsense while trying to bring you a more straight forward experience, imposing its own system complexities. (Ludens 2.0)

Its predecessor shortcomings, were pretty much eradicated thanks to lgs 2.0 being a complete overhaul. I had to filter through a lot of naughty word to get the system working so smoothly, it is the heart of the game and no matter what anyone says about "systems can't be copyrighted" copying my system is totally illegal. That's why I don't show it off publicly, there is nothing to hide, and everything to protect.

Licensing is free by the way, you can visit the game's website and request one at any time. You'll be checked for credentials, and have full support, including endorsements without paying me a penny. I don't want to be made rich off NH, just make enough to keep developing games. And that's where the problem lies with competitors, everyone wants to be the big kid on the block. And I could careless in that aspect, you see NH catching less hate because it costs $9.99 instead of $1. But what if, I made the game available to you for just $1? 180 pages, all-in-one, a shitload of licensed illustrations that make the setting even more alive. That would be nice! But it's not happening. Why? because my time is valuable. And those who can afford the game, are less likely to act like idiots, so I can really focus on them, instead of those who pay little and like to complain a lot.

You won't need to perform random checks to perform mundane tasks a five year old could do. The game doesn't just pit you against enemies all the time. There's a great deal of exploring and actions you can do that don't involve combat. Persuasion, bribing, vacationing, starting a family, buying a home, professions, weekly earnings, diseases, and so much more. Take part in a great war, instead of just raiding dungeons. Politics play a major role in adjusting tax rates, etc... If you have played the classic K&L, forget it! New Horizon is the naughty word beast, and I mean it. You won't regret it...


How did it all begin...

The interesting thing about Knights & Legends is, the game was designed for a very different purpose. Back in Summer 2014, I was drafting ideas for a wargame, it didn't even have a title, just a medieval setting in mind, as I am clearly a medieval enthusiast! From the old castles to the ancient myths, and from the old tales to the shitholes. The idea of a man wearing armor, and slaying beats always fascinated me. Life is short, and I felt like this was one of my callings. A gifted story teller, I was often told. Why not give it a try? I had nothing to lose from it.

In 2016, the final game was very impractical and costly, the game itself came in a diorama-like setup in a 18x24 wooden board. After all the stuff was added to it, the damn thing weighted over 30lbs. Just shipping alone would cost a small fortune. $800 to make, with a planned selling value of $1200 + shipping. Limited to US orders only. Something not a lot of people would buy into. Unless you're a collector of sorts. It did look pretty! It still sits at my kitchen counter, until I find a worthy spot for it. I like to sit and appreciate it from time to time. Hardly use it to play these days, trying to conserve it.

I needed something easier to distribute, that's when a light bulb popped over my head! I was away from the trpg scene for a few years before the TSR days, did some quick research of the market and saw people were still playing trpgs in the US, which was very surprising. Then I came to realize the market had a bit of a rebirth in the last few years, this was the perfect opportunity for me to jump in and catch up on the latest. Before that, I was working on a 3D RPG game that was cancelled due to the team's scheduling conflicts. Few months later the thought came to mind, a trpg is something a can deliver all by myself, while keeping it very cost efficient. Best part, digital!

And so the process of adapting classic K&L into a TRPG begun. I was taking my time, I was in no rush. When I started testing the waters, I saw this wasn't going to be so easy. Oh boy! the hostility a caught on Reddit, would have crushed a lesser man. Bottom line is, you can't be a legit game designer if you don't have your head on your shoulders. The title "Game Designer" is taken so lightly these days, that everyone considers themselves to be one. Try going to RPGG, what a joke! It's crazy! People go to college for this, it's not something to be taken lightly. Game design is no walk in the park, and if you can say you had it easy, them you're likely not a real game designer. Or One in a million perhaps?

In 2018, classic K&L debuted as a DTRPG exclusive. The game was fairly simple and straight forward, It had an unnamed set of rules that was later (2019) named Ludens Game System. The system's goal, was to break apart from the generic D&D clones that over saturate the market today. Nothing against it, just not my thing. As anything you build from scratch, it will likely need more work done to perfect it. Once you try it long enough, you begin noticing certain flaws that were previously invisible to the eye.

Today, that simple system, became a whole different beast. Ludens 2.0, is New Horizon's exclusive game system, to be used only with New Horizon related products. And to expand its reaches, the game licensing module drastically changed from paid, to free with permission. The Knights & Legends legacy didn't happen overnight. The sooner you get into it, the better. Complexities will only increase from now on. Everyone knows that can be pretty intimidating for newcomers, so join it now. Just do it!

Being Historically Accurate Was A Must

A great amount of attention was put into details, from beginning to end. One of my favorite things about New Horizon is, the game is loaded with metaphors, which can very well translate into real life circumstances. Believe it or not, the game could actually help shape and mold you into a better person. It puts great emphasis in being historically accurate in many ways. Medieval times, weren't as pleasant as many of us think it used to be. Today we have fat children playing LARP, when in reality a person so out of shape, would have little to no chance of surviving combat. No armor would fit them, and if it did, it would likely weight from 1.5 to 2.0 times more the weight of regular armor, which was already pretty limiting itself. New Horizon, truly makes you feel like you're living in the middle-ages, in a world very similar to our Earth. The game pushes you to explore the outdoors more often than dungeons. I've been to a few dungeons in person. With the latest being, 2 hours south from Lima, Peru. You don't have the space to swing a sword in most of them, the passageways are narrow, and if you're over 6 feet tall you'd get some real neck pain. There are dark places to explore, don't get me wrong. You could descend into tombs and catacombs, caverns, etc... All of that made with hopes of motivating you, to one day really go out there and do some exploring of your own.

And these are just few of the things that make New Horizon so unique and special, compared to other games out there. Let's not forget the new survival system, that was put into place to help make your character truly feel alive. Not eating or drinking, could mean certain death. Below, is also a small example of how the final product turned out to be. If you've been following this thread for a while, then you certainly remember the old bestiary page from draft.


The Power Of Fandom

Before getting started on the latest subject,
Here's a reminder to catch me live on WED 9/11 7:30pm - 9:30 Central Time (8:30pm EST) @ #RamdomWorlds Chat with the one and only, Dan Davenport.

Understanding how the world works. What controls the world?

Middle-Ages = Religion

Old-Modern World = Politics

Today's World = Media

There's a war out for your minds, that's a undeniable fact.
Are you a tool? How often do you ask yourself that?
How often do you allow others to manipulate you into thinking something, without checking the facts?

Think long and hard, do you like or dislike something because others influenced you into doing so?
Do you still have a mind of your own!?

If you want true freedom, just follow the wraith. It's more than just a picture, it's a gateway to knowledge. Knowledge I shall bestow upon you, if you dare to walk with me.


Want to see how the Q&A with Dan went? Check it out folks!
Dan was a great host. 2 hours went by in the blink of an eye.


Today I'm very happy to announce some great news revolving the game, and classic K&L too! Let's begin with the latest happening with New Horizon.

On Sep, 15th I went ahead to published the New Horizon Collector's Ed. What does it mean for buyers and where does the title stand? Well, let's start with the pros of each edition.

Do you get more stuff with the collector's edition?
The answer to that is, NO! I believe everyone should have access to the same content of the game regardless if you paid more or less.

The collector's edition is designed for elitists who wish to show their full support. Naturally, you'll benefit from a premium hardcopy of the game. Below is a comparison of both, digital and print.


Feel free to look at it at your own time. As for the digital edition of New Horizon, I'm happy to tell you it has been reinstate to the DTRPG store following feedback from fans which took their time to drop me a few e-mails explaining concerns of the title going non-exclusive. I really appreciate your feedback and I assure you as a responsible developer I'm with my fans, always! I thank you for your support.

Please don't forget to share the news, it's one of the best ways to show your love for the game. I'm just a guy following my passion, I don't need spotlighting on me, just the game. :)

Let's talk about classic K&L: Shadow Lords, Lost Relics, Rogue Priest, and Revelation-V

The titles mentioned above were temporarily removed from the DTRPG store as they will be readapted to play with the Ludens 2.0 system. If you've already purchased the titles. It will be available to you for free!

There's no time frame to as of when the classics will be back, but they'll debut in the order they were first launched. So expect Shadow Lords Rewritten in the near future!

Thank you for your continuous support!

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