New Kickstarter Launched: Sickness and Health: New Diseases For Your 5E Game


This 30-page 5E supplement includes 16 diseases and 2 adventures ready to be used in your 5th Edition games!
  • 6 new mundane and supernatural diseases, including bottle fever, demonic plague, and walking rot.
  • 5 new sicknesses from beyond the confines of the material realms for planar travellers, such as adverse ascension, fey longings, and spectral thought worms.
  • 5 diabolical new infections including wyrm pox, the fluxx, and mycological wildfire.
  • Guidelines for creating your own diseases in your 5E game.
  • 2 adventures by Andrew Engelbrite -- Fungal Bums, an adventure designed for 3rd-6th level PCs featuring a disease which can only be cured by dragonfire; and its sequel The Pallid Piper, for 7th–9th level characters.
Originally published in PDF in EN5ider Magazine, we're bringing you this softcover collection of disease-ridden resources for your 5th edition games for the next 2 weeks.

Compatible with D&D 5E and also Level Up Advanced 5th Edition. (Note -- 5 of the diseases in this book also appear in Level Up: Trials & Treasures.)

Get the PDF as soon as the campaign ends in 2 weeks

We've successfully ran 15 of these, delivering rewards very quickly, and this is our 16th mini-quickstarter (and our 30th Kickstarter overall)! It's only here for 2 weeks, so don't miss out! Note that if you pledge for the digital (PDF) versions, they will be delivered as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends. The softcover booklets will be printed and shipped immediately after the Kickstarter funds clear. You'll be amazed by how fast we fulfill these things!

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There are more threats than just monsters and wizards with a bad moral compass. Diseases help inject that other hazard. Also if one dials down the automagical healing overnight, and makes the medicine skill necessary, diseases can become extremely interesting.

Granted remove disease ruins that hazardous fun, but there are ways around that as well.

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