Release New OSE-Licensed E-Zine Available!

Notable Novices and Notorious Newcomers is the third PWYW zine in the Axian Zines series, officially licensed for Old-School Essentials.
It includes three tools:
The first is the "Who are you?" table, to quickly roll a reason why the party is eager to welcome a new member!
The second is "What's your story?", and provides the previous adventuring career of freshly rolled characters that start the game as level 2 or higher.
The third determines the magic items they've looted during such adventures, and has different outcomes based on character class.

While the "Who Are You?" table is a simple d20 table, the tables for higher level characters have a specific mechanic: you make a roll for every level, adding each level to the roll. So, for example, for a 6th level character, you roll six times: 1d20, +1, 1d20+2, 1d20+3, 1d20+4, 1d20+5, and 1d20+6.
For this reason, both tables take into account the 14 level limit of Old-School Essentials and thus go up to 34 results.

Notable Novices and Notorious Newcomers is already available and is Pay What You Want, so go and check it!

You can also check out my other Old-School Essentials e-zines, and my Lands of Legends series, which is currently on sale as a nifty bundle!

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