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Kickstarter New OSR Product to launch on 6/1/21

Looking for some input to our upcoming Kickstarter (we plan on launching this coming Tuesday) to put out the most complete 1e OSR to date, free PDF for everyone, fully illustrated in color by the talented V. Shane (more illustrations than the original 3 core books, PH, DMG, MM). We've included nearly all the original rules (I've been writing diligently the past year with over 300,000 words written already). I'm also wanting to include popular house rules as alternatives because this is the way a lot of groups gamed in the 80s. The ones I can think of offhand are:

1. Better grappling unarmed combat system.

2. Streamlined psionic combat (already written). Many DMs complain the original psionic combat system is too convoluted, even to the point of excluding psionics altogether (which makes psionically endowed creatures less formidable).

3. New rules for surprise. I already know that with the alternate rule I'm limiting surprise to one free attack, not a full round of attacks for each segment of surprise (which if played RAW, a monster with 5 attacks could literally be afforded 15 attacks on a character before they had a chance to counter).

4. D10 alternate initiative rules. There are 10 six-second segments to a round, so it only makes sense to use d10 initiative rather than d6, easily pinpointing exactly what segment each attack occurs (after modifiers). The DM may also require a d6 roll-off for those who attack in the same segment, pinpointing each attack down to the very second (though the use of this should remain consistent for every d10 tie roll). There are additional rules for players and monsters with multiple attacks, obviously, but the general idea of pinpointing when attacks occur remains. It may seem overly complex, but if you rolled a d10 and d6 at the same time, you will know with one roll of two dice which second your attack occurs within the 1 minute round.

5. Natural 20s and natural 1s. My old gaming groups always played natural 20 was automatic double damage and natural 1 was automatic miss regardless of modifiers. I know fumbles are popular (we never used them as a heroic character probably isn't going to drop his weapon 1 time in every 20 strikes, but I'm interested in fumbling charts and natural 20 charts).

6. Many options for rolling stats, as some gamers like to start with average characters, others like heroic characters. For the more heroic rolling options, we suggest minimum of 7 or 8 hit points per hit die for adult monsters, accordingly.

7. Monk abilities that mimic druidic abilities (like speak with plants) are replaced with abilities that reflect the harmonizing and balancing of mind and body (and or spirit/soul), such as resistance to energy drain.

8. Non-drow elves are not subterranean creatures and so evolved with ultravision rather than infravision. This puts ultravision in play and differentiates the demi-humans a bit more.

9. Other optional rules that wish to be discussed, I'm interested in hearing about...

Also, we include an appendix of changes made from classic advanced 1e, in the event classic 1e is preferred.

Please click the link and follow (and share) to make this project a reality.

Age of Iniquity: Core Reference Manual


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