WOIN [NEW] Psijump - Alternative FTL Type 0 Travel


In my campaign I wanted the standard form of interstellar transportation to be wormhole style. This seems to be a nicer fit for both controlling access to various locations and for glossing over the hard science stuff while still providing an opportunity to drop players into new and interesting places that somehow weren't already discovered by traditional means, and without freezing everyone for months-long journeys everywhere. It makes a nice way to keep a grittier AL and still provide episodic mobility. Or maybe I just watched too much Stargate and read too much Lois McMaster Bujold.

Anyway, while my universe does have some more analog FTL drive technologies, they are in their infancy and are primarily the playthings of scientists and militaries; and primarily for near-system use, since the Psijump network much more easily goes to all the places anyone really wants to visit anyway.

My notes kept getting more and more extensive, so I decided to squeeze them into a somewhat genericized package focused on the bits one of you might want to use in a universe of your own. I kept some of the why and how flavor so you can see how it might fit together, but removed all of the names and campaign specifics. Maybe one day I will be un-lazy enough to write it all up separately as a campaign setting, but don't hold your breath.

Anyway, the current draft v1.0 is the first one anyone will see besides me, so please share your feedback and editorial commentary, especially parts that don't make sense to you. (It all makes sense in my head, but it's hard to be objective.) =]

Sean (sum1els)


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Just a tourist passing your way...
Very cool! Great ideas and implementation, even better feeling.

I will definitely use it if I get a party ready for space ever again - for style reasons and for dm reasons you explained and kept within your rules.

That's what I hope we'll get from EONS again - quality and quantity.
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