Release New pwyw e-zine for Old-School Essentials and B/X D&D

Hello all!
I've just released my second OSE-licensed e-zine:


Mysteriously Missing & Merrily Met

A set of tables to figure what's happened to a character when their player misses a session!

It's 100% compatible with Old-School Essentials and BX D&D, meaning it's also broadly compatible with other early editions of D&D (OD&D, BECMI) their retroclones.
It's on Pay What You Want, so come and check it!

Also available is my first OSE-licensed e-zine:


Wondrous Weavings Warped & Weird

A set of alternative rules for arcane casters, inspired by true Vance, Leiber, and folklore, with a d100 table of Magical Mishaps!

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