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Release New Release [Galaxy Builder Decks] Star Systems Deck and Asteroid Set 2

Journey Mountain Studios

Building Galaxies
New Releases: Star Systems & System Traits Deck and Asteroid Set 2
Updated Galaxy Builder Decks PDF Bundle with new titles available on Drivethrurpg | Itchio

New Releases!​

Introducing Galaxy Builder Decks: Star Systems is a deck of system-neutral double-sided cards of two types: Star Systems, showing various types of planetary systems for creating simple locations or sectors during worldbuilding or on the fly during a game. And Star System Traits, providing a focus or theme for each system, such as being a Core or Colony system, plus possible conflicts, employers, contacts, and missions associated with that theme.

Each 54-card deck includes:
  • 21 Single System Types
  • 15 Binary System Types
  • 16 System Trait Types
  • Instruction Cards
Each System Trait Card includes:
  • System Conflict roll table
  • Employer roll table
  • Contact roll table
  • Mission roll table
How to use Star System Cards



Galaxy Builder Decks: Asteroid Set 2 includes 2 asteroids from the Asteroid Pack, 2 alternate versions of Planet Deck asteroid cards, and 2 new asteroid types, along with 1 planet trait from the Asteroid Pack and 2 new traits to customize your star systems and adventures.
Each 9-card deck set includes:
  • 1x Molten Asteroid planet card
  • 1x Organic Planetoid planet card
  • 1x Electrostatic Asteroid planet card
  • 1x Ice Asteroid planet card (spiky version)
  • 1x Comet planet card (blue)
  • 1x Abandoned Construct planet card
  • 1x Radiation planetary trait card
  • 1x Canyon System geology trait card
  • 1x Hidden Cache civilization trait card



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