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Release New Releases March 4-10, 2024

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA LLC.
šŸŽ²This Week's Fantasy Grounds
New Releases

March 4-10, 2024

New Releases
from Paizo Inc

Pathfinder Society Scenarios:
#5-04: Equal Exchanges - Necessary Introductions
#5-05: The Island of the Vibrant Dead
#5-06: Ukuja, The First Wall

Fantasy Grounds Store - Pathfinder 2.0 VTT modules


New Releases
from Devin Night

Massive collections of digital tokens for virtual gameplay.

191: WOTW Wasteland Encounters
198: Monstrosities200: Uncommoners
201: Weird West Characters
202: Galactic Core
203: Elemental Undead

Fantasy Grounds Store - Devin Night VTT modules


New Release
Into the Veils
The Eldritch Press

The journey takes the heroes across the ocean, through the wilderness, and into the stronghold lair of a powerful antagonist. They will need to use their skills wisely as they face difficult situations and harsh environments.

Into the Veils for Fantasy Grounds

INDIE 01.jpg

New Release
Pathfinder 2 RPG - Season of Ghosts AP 1: The Summer That Never Was
Paizo Inc.

The Season of Ghosts Adventure Path is a four-part series of connected adventures that form a complete Pathfinder campaign for characters of 1st to 12th level.

Pathfinder 2 RPG - Season of Ghosts AP 1: The Summer that Never Was for Fantasy Grounds


New Releases
from SmiteWorks USA, LLC

Hearts and Skulls Dice Pack
Stars and Clovers Dice Pack

Intricately designed dice packs for Fantasy Grounds.


šŸŽ²On Sale this week
March 4-10, 2024
in theFantasy Grounds Store

Fantasy Grounds Store - VTT modules

The new version 4.5.0 Fantasy Grounds Unity is now available.

New Features:
  • Image camera and token views added. (3D view using 2D assets) Use the toolbar to switch view modes.
  • Image control supports ping mode via the toolbar.
  • Image control view shortcut keys added: WASD keys for panning; XC keys for zooming; Spacebar plus single mouse left button to pan/look.
  • Image control ping shortcut keys added: Hold spacebar plus double-click mouse left button.
  • Image token options added to the radial menu: Send to Back, Bring to Front.
  • Image token hover shortcut keys added: B/F for token send to back/bring to front.
  • Image token hover/selection uses an alpha channel. (transparency)
  • Image door line-of-sight blocker type supports line shape.
  • Image data control adjusted to work better with dark themes.
  • New database categories/groups will have initial text surrounded by parentheses.

Dice Packs:
* New dice set support added (Stars and Clovers; Hearts and Skulls) in the store.

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