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Fantasy Grounds

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Step into a world of limitless adventure with the latest Fantasy Grounds releases.

🎲This Week's Fantasy Grounds
New Releases
May 20-26, 2024

New Release
Savage Rifts(R): Land of a Thousand Islands
Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Adapted from the 250-page, hardcover Rifts(R) for Savage Worlds South America: Land of a Thousand Islands book leads players on a tour of the war-stricken, legendary continent in all its glory:

*Wield powerful new mystical arts like Nazca Line Magic, Biomancy, and Gizmoteering.

*Bring new life to the Crazy, Techno-Wizard, and Combat Cyborg with new Edges and tons of new gear.

*Play exciting new options like the Demigod, Amazon Huntress, and Anti-Monster


New Release
D&D Vecna: Eve of Ruin
Wizards of the Coast

Vecna: Eve of Ruin is a high-stakes adventure in which Dungeon Masters and players can change the multiverse’s fate. This includes legendary D&D figures, iconic fantasy locations, terrifying new monsters, and more!

*Face the archlich Vecna in all his terrifying glory.

*Embark on an epic, high-level adventure for characters levels 10-20.

*Defeat over 30 menacing new monsters

*Explore 32 new maps with dynamic line of sight, lighting, and vision support in Fantasy Grounds Unity.

*Journey to over 6 iconic D&D locations across the Forgotten Realms, including Planescape, Spelljammer, Eberron, Ravenloft, Dragonlance, and Greyhawk.

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