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NEW SITE LAUNCHES- Post YOUR HomeBrews in the Creature Catalog


Demon Lord
Well- here it is...


The new Creature Catalog. All database driven. All updated with tons of news, new features, new monsters, etc. Updates will be very regular now as me, Erica, and Boz all have access to the database and can update the news, upload monsters, etc.

Also- I am happy to announce that we have partnered with Sam Judson (better known as BlackSway on ENWorld). His awesome site is now officially part of the Creature Catalog and will house all NEW OGL monsters. Everyone is welcome to check it out and upload your own monster, template, whatever. You do retain rights to the monster. It just gets to be seen by a lot more people. :)

Feedback on the new site is most welcome. Either leave it on the boards or shoot me an email at CreatureCatalog@yahoo.com

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