Free New Substack Gaming Blog: "I Think We've Been Playing It Wrong"


It's not a new blog, but it is a new blog on Substack. After blogging off and on for the last 15 years or so, most recently on the Ramen Sandwich Press website, I have decided to take "I Think We've Been Playing It Wrong" to the Substack platform. As always, I plan to focus on playing games and publishing games, but also to salt it with observations and reviews related to my other nerdy interests, such as history, animation and literature. In this incarnation, however, I will also post updates about the inner workings of Ramen Sandwich Press, design diary-type updates on work in progress, and trial balloons for forthcoming products — leave comments and influence the course of our company! I like to keep the tone thoughtful, but humorous with a bit of froth. Over the years, I have found that substance goes down best when you're smiling or even having a chuckle.

If you're familiar with Substack, you know that they allow writers to monetize their work by offering paid subscriptions. For now, I'm making all posts free and public (paid subscriptions to support the blog are possible, but entirely optional right now). However, in the future I plan to put up a paywall, behind which will go longer posts like game and media reviews, tips-and-hints essays, deep dives into some topic or other, and maybe even some serialized fiction. Quick reacts, trial balloons, and announcements and just about everything else related to Ramen Sandwich Press will remain free. I plan to keep a pace of 2-3 posts per week (about once every three days), evenly divided between public and paid subscriber-only.

In return, I offer you the company of someone who has been playing games for 50 years and part of the game industry for 25 and, I hope, going on many more. I hope I keep you entertained for however long you wish to travel this road with me, and if you buy me a coffee from time to time to keep me loquacious I'd appreciate it!;)

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In preparing to relaunch my blog on Substack, I combed through my hard drive for stuff I had written and put into deep storage, either because I never got around to finishing it or because I couldn’t find anyone who would pay me to publish it. There was a lot of it. Quite a lot of it. Some of it going back over 20 years. Files that are so old that I can no longer run the programs on which I created them; to crack them open at all I have to use TextEdit. There are fragments of long and short fiction, notes toward roleplaying game campaigns and books that never got fleshed out.

These fragments I have shored against my ruins, and I will use “I Think We’ve Been Playing It Wrong” to share them with you — and see if anyone wants me to fill them out into completed works after all these years. In fact, I started today, posting the beginning of a short story I never finished, a mash-up between fantasy and the hard-boiled detective genre.

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