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I like the sound of low and high level sculpts of the same guy, should be really interesting. Im not a fantastic pantier myself, but i may end up getting some and trying my hand again

Olaf the Stout

For me, it's a non-starter if the minis are randomised (like the pre-painted WizKids minis). If they aren't randomised then my interest level will depend on how well the material used holds the detail.

For example, Reaper Bones minis are cheap, but the material is quite bendy (much like the prepainted D&D minis) and the sculpts aren't as sharp as their metal versions.

As a result I think Reaper Bones are great for large minis, where the weight and cost of metal make the metal versions expensive and often difficult to assemble without pinning everything, or horde minis where you need 10+ Orcs/Kobolds/Zombies, etc.

For individual PC minis I still prefer metal minis.

DM Howard

I don't see the point when Bones Miniatures already feel that need. I know a lot of people don't care for them and, as a former wargamer, I can understand where they are coming from, but they hold enough detail for playing RPGs and inexpensive to boot. I would be (pleasantly) surprised if they are able to match the Reaper prices, but have better quality.


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For me, it's a non-starter if the minis are randomised (like the pre-painted WizKids minis). If they aren't randomised then my interest level will depend on how well the material used holds the detail.
From their website:

The unpainted minis line will not follow our historical collectible business model. Instead, it will focus on single repeat purchases, displaying the high quality minis in striking, yet visible, packaging. Customers will be able to see what they are buying on your shelves.
From the photos they look to be good quality and I like that they come pre-primed. I'll give them serious consideration. As a DM getting back into the game after a long absence and trying to build up a collection of minis to replace the cheap homemade pogs I use for most battles, I'm really looking forward to more lower-cost mini options.

DM Howard

From the pictures they look pretty decent. They might be useful in allowing me to keep my chaff such as goblins, kobolds, gnolls, etc in the bones arena whilst moving purchasing of things that would be in less quantity to this range. I'll be interested to get some of these in my hands.


WizKids has announced a new line of unpainted miniatures, planned for release in Q4.

The company will partner with leading licenses for a line of Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons minatures which will feature more than 150 unique fantasy sculpts, including iconic characters, creatures, and scene-building elements.

The line will come in a variety of three packs: Hero Packs, Monster Packs, and Item Packs. Hero Packs will contain both a low-level and high-level sculpt of the same character. Monster Packs will contain 1-3 miniatures with different poses of a single monster. Item Packs will contain scenery and items for adventuring.

All miniatures are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo paint.
The figure quality looks good, based on the previews.

Having monster packs with the same monster will satisfy what some folks have been looking for for a while: The ability to purchase themed assortments, say, a dozen or so goblins or skeletons.

Interesting that they figures a pre-primed. One rather hopes this doesn't too badly lock in molding artifacts. This will be a plus for some folks, but a very big minus for more serious painters.

The price point will matter a lot. Any indication of how much these will cost?

I'm liking the inclusion of scenery. (My own preference. I know many folks don't care for scenery bits, and I'm fine with that.)

Edit: To answer my own question, from the second link:

Prices tend to vary widely when it comes to unpainted minis in the marketplace. Most of our unpainted minis will be priced at $2.99-$3.99 depending on the pack, making them a great value for your customers.
The material looks quite different than what is used for Reaper Bones miniatures. Can anyone confirm this?

Another question: Will set purchases be available?

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If they are the same material as bones, I will pass. Bones are ok and good price, but the detail on a lot of them is bad, merisiel from pathfinder has no nose. but these look detailed and pretty sharp, if they come in at under $5 per hero, I will buy them, if they come in under $8 and are good for conversions and customization, I will certainly buy them,. but for monsters and mass, will stick with bones.


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After the Blood Rage and Zombicide Black Plague miniatures, I'm spoiled by cheap quality miniatures. The Reaper Bones PVC has some aweful detailing and moldlines, CMoN made me see that things can be a LOT better for a similar price... I've a TON of Reaper Bones (all four KS, total of ~$4000), but I think I might be done with them...

If this is similar quality to recent CMoN, similar scale, decently priced and available around here, I might be interested in some...


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Its hard to say since we get to see the digital images. Its like airbrushing of magazine covers. I'm sure I'll buy a handful either way.

Olaf the Stout

These are out now (well in Australia at least). $7 AUD for 2 PC minis, which is a bargain.

I've bought a couple of Elves in the D&D line and a pair of Hell Hounds in the Pathfinder line to see how they go. From looking at them through the packaging I was happy enough with the detail on the sculpts to give them a go.

wicked cool

Saw these yesterday at my local flags. Didn't check prices as I'm not super interested in set

Phase spider bigger than original and good detail
Gargoyles-really small. Look like familiars or statues you would see on buildings. slightly intrigued as dungeon dressing
mind flayers-seem a lot bigger based on past sculpts. Not sure how I feel about them as they don't feel like mindflayers
zombies/ghouls-its funny that someone mentioned zombicide-would rather spend the time painting those over these. Ghouls look better than what we have so far in painted. zombies looked unremarkable

so they should be out in stores for all in states