new/upcoming DVDs?


Where do you keep tabs of what's coming out when? I have a place or two I check for movies, but what about TV shows and other DVDs?

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It's a nice spot for getting info on just about present and future tv and theatrical releases as welll as dvd. Dvdreview used to be a favorite of mine for dvd's coming up. Moviehole is a good one too. All in all the first one I mentioned at the beginning seems to be the one I get the most accurate info from. I also don't have to read AICN's blathering and self promoting. AICN tends to pat itself on the back too much.


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I go to

They've got an upcoming DVDs list, and what I find are excellent reviews. Generally, what the reviewer(s) there like, I tend to like, and what they dislike, I tend to also dislike, so I find it useful to judge what I purchase or watch.


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Ain't It Cool News - Harry's monthly capsules are quite informative and he's watched alot of movies. While I don't always agree with his tastes the lists he puts together (with release dates) are quite extensive. He puts just about everything coming out on there even if he didn't care for it.

They also have a good TV boxed set section.

IGN - The best place for tech news on the DVD itself. They have a nice mix of video quality, extras and audio content to help me with a purchase. - It's sometimes helpful to see what others are buying. And since I buy a bunch of DVDs from them their TiVo-esque suggestions section sometimes reminds me of something that I either forgot about or put aside a while ago to buy later.

As for reviews of the actual movie I typically don't have the same tastes as the IGN guys. But I'll still read the review. Then I'll head to Ebert's site and then maybe to AICN. And last I'll come here to see what my online buddies think. :)

I also keep a list of "To Buy DVDs" in DVD Profiler where I also have my collection listed. Helps keep tabs on what I have, I want and what I've lent out to others.

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