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New User Total?


Staff member
With. Just going by the 'member total' at the top of the forums.

I think we'll be surprised at how low it is.


Community Supporter
Anc, hover your mouse over the "profile" button of a poster, you'll see the number in the URL at the bottom of your browser.

I'm guessing 1000 users after one week.


Friday 18th of January, Morning, 8am Chicago time- 1012 members (bank on it!)


I'll come up with some sort of prise for the winner...

Not saying what that will be, but I'll try to come up with some sort of gaming thing or other... :)

Of course, since I will be the winner I will likely have to go out and get myself something nice! :D


My guess for the number of posters at the end of the week is...


One of the admins is going to delete everyone else (including me! Eeep!) and then declare themselves the winner.